How To Reduce Ants Around Your Home

how to reduce ants

Say goodbye to ants in your home Ants are a common sight around many Australian homes. Constantly on the hunt for food, ants can quickly become a problem. Learn how to reduce ants around your home. Types of ants Some ants are venomous, some destructive and others can carry disease. Bull ants, fire ants and…

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4 Tips To Help You Get Rid Of Wasps

remove wasps from property

How to remove wasps from your home. Wasps are dangerous and troublesome. Wasps can deliver a nasty sting and can even cause serious injury if you have a bad reaction. Here are 5 tips to help you get rid of wasps and ensure your home is protected. 1. Fake Nests As they are naturally territorial…

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Removing Lizards On Your Property

removing lizards

Learn how to remove lizards from your home Lizards are a common sight around Queensland homes. However, not everyone is comfortable having them around the home. Here are our tips for removing lizards to make sure lizards leave your home and stay out. 1. Know the signs Recognising the signs of a lizard presence is…

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5 Winter Pests To Prepare For

Remove rats

Keep winter pests away. Preparing early for changing seasonal conditions will make keeping your home pest-free that much easier. Learn how to keep winter pests away. 1. Mice and rats Mice and rats are warm blooded animals. That means they will seek out places of warmth and shelter that have food. Unfortunately, your home fits…

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How to protect your home from fleas and ticks

general pest control - fleas and ticks

Keep fleas and ticks away from your home. Here are our top tips for keeping fleas and ticks out of your home. 1. Treat your pets When they bite, ticks can spread diseases that are fatal to cats and dogs. As such, you should regularly comb and provide year-round flea and tick protection for your…

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Health Impact Of An Unclean Home


The negative impacts of an unclean home. Cleaning is a chore but if it’s avoided, it can lead to big consequences – impacting your health and happiness. Here are the most common impacts of an unclean home. 1. Hayfever and allergies Hay fever can be triggered by pollen, dust mites and spores. Allergens such as…

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4 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

Get rid of silverfish

Learn how to keep out silverfish Silverfish are unpleasant pests that can infest the home and cause allergy recations and ruin property. Here are our top tips to get rid of silverfish in your home. 1. Keep food sealed away When dealing with pests, prevention is always the best method of treatment. Keep easy to…

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4 Ways to Remove Rats From Your Home

Get rid of rats

How to remove rats Rats are carriers of disease, can eat your food and damage your home. Here’s how to remove rats as quickly as possible. 1. Get a cat One way to help get rid of rats and mice is to get a housecat. Cats are carnivores and love to hunt wild prey, such…

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5 Ways To Remove Cockroaches From Your Home

Remove Cockroaches

Get rid of cockroaches for good. Cockroaches are among the most common and bothersome pests that you will ever find around your home. You’ll want to remove cockroaches as soon as possible as not only are they disgusting but they can also contaminate food and spread bacteria. 1. Make sure your home is clean The…

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4 Tips For A Clean Home

Keep pests away. Have a clean home.

Keep pests away with a clean home. Learn how to keep your home consistently clean with our top tips. 1. Purge the cutter The first thing you should do if you have a messy or cluttered house is get rid of unused items. These take up vital space. It has been said that we only…

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