4 tips to help you get rid of Wasps

Wasps are a dangerous and troublesome pest. Your home will never be safe until you get rid of wasps that lurk around your home.

This is because wasps can deliver a nasty sting to you that can cause you pain and even serious injury.

From 2000 to 2013, wasps and bees caused twice as many hospital admissions as snakes.

However, unlike bees, wasps can sting you as many times as they want without dying.

Our 5 tips will help you get rid of wasps and ensure your home is always protected.

1)     Fake Nests

As they are naturally territorial animals, wasps will instinctively work to avoid the nests of other wasps and hornets.

Consequently, if they see a nest in an area, they will be more likely to avoid setting up their own nests in this area.

You can take advantage of this by having your own artificial, fake nest placed on your property.

This method is not a 100% effective way to get rid of wasps. Instead, this option should be complemented with other treatment options.

2)     Prevention

There is a common saying that “prevention is the best medicine”. This is true of the medical industry and in pest control.

One method of prevention to stop wasps from entering your home is by shoring up any entry points, including cracks in the roofing, damaged windows, doors left ajar and other places small bugs can use to get inside your house.

Sealing off any nooks or crannies around your home will also stop wasps from having the space they need to build their nests.

You can limit opportunities for wasps by taking away sources of food.

Wasps and hornets are attracted to sweet or protein rich foods. These include dog food, soft drinks, fruits or the like.

By disposing of leftovers and keeping these types of foods locked away will prevent wasps from being attracted to your home.

get rid of wasp nests

3)      Bait and Traps

Using traps to bait and dispose of wasps is another method of preventing an infestation in your home.

These traps generally work by luring wasps into a tempting bait inside of a chamber. When wasps go for the bait, they become caught in the chamber and are unable to escape. They quickly die, caught in the trap.

You can make your own trap using a soft drink bottle, scissors and something sweet like sugar or jam. Using this method, wasps will be attracted to the bait rather than your food supply.

However, emptying these traps can prove dangerous as it exposes you to a potential wasp sting.

4)     Pest Control

For the best results, you should consult an expert to remove wasps on your behalf.

Pest controllers have the expertise and training to remove or kill wasps safely, using pesticides.

Likewise, if you receive a wasp sting, don’t risk trying to remove it on your own. Wasp stings are one of the most common causes of severe allergic reactions, which can be fatal.

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