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How to protect your home from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are generally thought to thrive in the humid conditions of summer. However, some breeds of these pests are most active in winter. Thus, you should always have a plan to protect yourself from fleas and ticks.

Regardless of the season, fleas and ticks will seek out a warm place to burrow, whether that be your home, your pet, your clothes or even your skin.

As such, we have put together a list of 4 tips you can use to protect yourself from fleas and ticks.

1)     Treat your pets

When they bite, ticks can spread diseases that are fatal to cats and dogs.

As such, you should regularly comb and provide year-round flea and tick protection for your pets.

Your most reliable option is to get some form of oral or topical treatment.

Oral treatments are a form of an ingestible pill that protects your dog from fleas and ticks. Topical treatments are applied to the fur or skin and are available to both cats and dogs.

Ultimately, you should research and consult a veterinarian to determine your options.

2)     A clean and tidy yard

Another important step to protect your home from fleas and ticks is to make sure your whole property is clean and tidy.

Ensure your grass is mowed regularly, keep shrubs and bushes trimmed, prune any trees and keep any new plants as far away from your home as possible.

Similarly, clean up food scraps to ensure that wild animals are not encouraged to enter your yard and bring any fleas or ticks they might have on them.

Taking these steps will limit the places fleas and ticks can hide. It will be far harder for them to attach themselves to your pets or your clothes if they cannot get close.

3)     Regularly clean the inside of your home

Despite your best efforts, it might still be possible for teas and ticks to get into your home. Thus, you should regularly clean the inside of your home too.

You should start by regularly vacuuming your carpets, rugs, couches and rugs. Wash your pets’ beds in hot water regularly to kill any eggs and larvae that may be attached to them. The same should be done to any soft, fabric toys used by your cats or dogs.

protect your home from fleas and ticks


4)     Contact Dedant

Dedant can perform full inside and outside treatments for pests including fleas and ticks.

By identifying the exact type of termite or tick, Dedant can apply the correct treatment to stop them. Their expertise in getting rid of pests makes them second to none.

To find out more, contact Deadant on their website or call on 07 3807 0122.

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