Health Impact Of An Unclean Home

The negative impacts of an unclean home.

Cleaning is a chore but if it's avoided, it can lead to big consequences - impacting your health and happiness. Here are the most common impacts of an unclean home.

1. Hayfever and allergies

Hay fever can be triggered by pollen, dust mites and spores. Allergens such as these can be common in homes that are not regularly cleaned.

The impact of hay fever includes a runny or blocked nose, watery eyes, and congestion.

If you are someone who does not regularly dust, vacuum or wash your sheets and linen, this may be the cause of your hay fever.

Similarly, mould can cause spores to enter the air and upset your allergies too. Identify areas that may be at risk of producing mould, like your bathroom, and vigilantly monitor them.

2. Poorer mental health

One lesser-known health impact of an unclean home is the negative influence on your mental health.

It has been proven that the link between mental health and cleanliness goes both ways.

When your home is clean, you are more likely to feel better. However, when your home is messy and cluttered, this can make you stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed.

Thankfully, we have written a guide to help you declutter.

3. Skin conditions

Although often overlooked, having clean fabrics is essential to having good, healthy skin.

For example, dirty bed sheets can carry bacteria that irritate and inflame your skin. This can lead to you getting itchy or even being stricken with a rash.

If you are prone to acne, the bacteria present in dirty sheets can make such conditions worse.

4. Contaminated food

The dangers a dirty home poses to your food is perhaps the most important reason for you to commit to a cleaning routine.

Letting your kitchen become messy can cause cross-contamination of food. Cross-contamination of raw meat with other food items can lead to the spread of E. coli and salmonella.

An unclean home also attracts various types of pests like cockroaches, silver fish, rats and silverfish. These pests can eat away at the food stored in your cupboard and spread disease.

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