4 Ways to Remove Rats From Your Home

Rats can be a major household problem if left unchecked. As such, you will want to remove rats as soon as you find them.

This is because rats are carriers of disease, can eat your food and damage your home.

As such, we’ve put together a list of 4 top tips to help you get rid of rats you find on your property.

1)     Get a cat

One way to help get rid of rats and mice is to get a housecat.

Cats are carnivores and love to hunt wild prey, such as rats and mice. For thousands of years, humans have used cats to hunt for rodents and they are still great for this purpose.

Along with the bonus of 24/7 pest control, adopting a cat also gives you years of companionship.

remove rats

2)     Rat Traps

Traps are a relatively cheap and effective way to catch rats.

They can be left in an area for a long time if necessary but should be checked often. This is because a dead, rotting rat can attract bugs and other pests.

Traps come in many forms such as snap traps, live traps or glue boards.

Glue boards are the least effective trap, as it is essentially a board with a sticky substance on it. Rodents can pull themselves free from this trap. It is not recommended you use these.

Snap traps are wooden/plastic boards with a metal spring-loaded bar that snaps down quickly when pressure is put on the pad. These humanly kill the rats.

Live traps present a hole for rodents to climb into. Once they climb through this hole, they find themselves in a box that closes shut. That way, the rat is trapped but still alive.

After this, you can release the rat somewhere away from your home.

Set traps in areas where rats might be, including hidden areas and near crevasses where rats may be hiding. Make sure to keep children and pets away from any traps.

remove rats

3)     Rat Bait

Bait is another way to deal with rats and can complement your trap strategy.

Adding bait to traps will make rats more likely to get caught.

Alternatively, use poisoned rat bait. This does not require you to use traps at all.

Instead, merely leave the poisoned bait out there and the unsuspecting rodent will eat it and die.

Make sure to not expose pets or children to this poisoned bait.

4)     Contact the experts to remove rats for you

If you are not confident about doing these measures yourself, Dedant can install safe and locked bait stations to catch and kill these pests. These are effective against rats and will help keep kids and pets safe.

Not only that, but Dedant is able to determine exactly what type of rat is on your property and the most effective pest control method.

If you believe you might have rats, call now on 07 3807 0122 or contact us on our website.

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