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Protect your family today! If you suspect the use or manufacture of illicit drugs in your new home purchase, new rental or investment property, call DedAnt Building and Pest Inspections to book your Meth Testing today.

What is Meth?

Methamphetamine (also known as Meth, Crystal Meth and Ice) is an illicit drug that is rapidly growing in use and manufacture around Australia.   In fact, the number of Meth users has increased by 3 times since 2011 and the number of Meth Labs has more than doubled in the last six years. And these results are based on the labs that are actually busted, as little as 1 in 10. When Meth is smoked or manufactured in a property, it can leave an odorless, invisible  residue that can only be detected through proper testing. If your house has been used as a clandestine lab or the past occupants had smoked the drug heavily, this can create serious health issues for you and your family.  Refer the Australian Government Clandestine Drug Remediation Guidelines published in 2011.

What happens if Meth was used in my home?

Methamphetamine Contamination is considered at an unacceptable level when tests show a positive result over 0.5μg/100cm².  Over this level it is recognised to be harmful to human and environmental health.  Just as mold spores can cause ill health, so can Meth Contamination.  The known side effects of living with high levels of Meth in your environment are breathing problems, skin and eye irritation, respiratory irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. In addition, babies and toddlers are at risk of ingesting the residue if they are crawling on the carpet and it contains residue. If a positive result is returned and a property requires decontamination, it is recommended that this be conducted by a cleaner specialising in this type of decontamination.

When do you need to have your house tested for Meth?

  • Pre-Purchase Meth Testing – save costly repairs / clean up and have the property that you are looking at purchasing tested for Meth if you suspect that it may have been used or manufactured at the property.
  • Home Owners – If you suspect that your home has previously been used for Meth or there is somebody currently using it for Meth?  Contact us today.
  • Landlords – Have your investment property tested before listing it if suspect that it might contain Meth Residue.
  • Renters – Before renting a property or during your tenancy if you are experiencing unexplained illness.
  • Property Managers – Make this test part of the regular end of tenancy procedure to ensure that your duty of care is met before new tenants move in.

How is the Meth test conducted?

Testing a property for Meth is a non -invasive swab test that is conducted by a trained and qualified inspector.  An indicative swab test can be conducted with further testing sent onto the lab for comprehensive analysis if required.

Where do you service?

Contact DedAnt for your Meth Testing in Brisbane, Logan, Redlands, Moreton Bay Region, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich.

If you think that your house has been used for Meth, don’t hesitate, contact Dedant today.

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