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Have You Booked Your Annual Timber Pest Inspection?

Feb 16, 2023
Annual timber pest inspection

Protect your home against termites and have peace of mind It’s summertime and that means termites are more active! If you haven’t booked your annual timber pest inspection, now is the time! Termites Termites or white ants are elusive creatures who love dark, damp places. When termites move into a property, they can remain hidden…

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The Types Of Inspection Reports

May 28, 2020
Building and Pest Report

Choose the right report for you Are you buying, selling, building or concerned about termites or building faults? Learn exactly which inspection report is the best one for you. Standard Building and Inspection Report Standard Building and Pest Inspections are conducted when you are selling your house, purchasing a new property, prior to renovation or…

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How To Hire A Carpenter

Oct 1, 2020
how to hire a carpenter

Learn how to hire a great carpenter Choosing the right tradesperson can be a complex decision. Getting an underqualified or unskilled carpenter can cost you time and money. 1. Have a plan You should have a good idea of what carpentry work you want completed prior to contacting a tradesperson. Have your plan set out…

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Everything You Need To Know About Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Inspections

Nov 11, 2021
Brisbane building inspection

Here’s what you need to know If you’re new to the property market, it’s unlikely that you have ever needed to organise a building and pest inspection before. In this blog, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the building and pest inspection process. Who organises and pays for a pre-purchase building…

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Handovers Brisbane: What You Need To Know

Dec 16, 2020
Pest and Building Inspection

Everything you need to know about handover inspections Moving into a newly built property is exciting, but first you need to complete a handover inspection. For the best handovers Brisbane, you will need an experienced inspector from a reputable company. What is a handover inspection? Handover, also called new build handover or practical completion inspection…

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Types of Termite Barriers

Apr 9, 2020
Termite Inspection

Protect your home against termites. Termite barriers are your main defense against an infestation of these troublesome pests. However, there are many different types of termite barriers and it’s important to know the facts. 1. Physical Barriers Physical barriers are built into the design of the property to prevent termites from entering your home. This…

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Safety Hazards From Around The Home

Jun 1, 2020
termite inspection in Brisbane

Look out for these common safety hazards Our inspectors have seen all manner of houses, safety hazards and defects over their time. Here are the most common safety hazards you should look out for in building and pest reports. No railing on stairs In accordance with safety standards, every set of stairs is required to…

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How To Prevent Rust

Jun 8, 2020
rusted roof - building and pest

Learn how to prevent rust in your home One of the most common defects found around the home is rust. It’s unsightly and can cause serious issues or even safety hazards if left unaddressed. Learn the best ways to prevent rust in your home in this blog. 1. Keep metals dry Rust needs the right…

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Building And Pest Inspection On The Gold Coast

May 24, 2023
Building and pest inspection Gold Coast

Buying a new property on the Gold Coast? Don’t go into your purchase blind. Make sure you book a quality building and pest inspection with a company you can trust. At Dedant Building and Pest Inspections, we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. What is a building…

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What to Look for in Your Handover Inspections

Oct 6, 2023
practical completion inspection

Make sure you get a quality handover inspection In this blog post, we will provide a checklist of what to look for in handover inspections so that you can ensure that your new home is in the best condition possible. Handover Inspections Before making the final payment and moving into your new home, it is…

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Ant Capping

Aug 27, 2020
ant capping

Everything you need to know about ant capping Termite capping (a.k.a ant capping) is a reliable way of detecting termite activity early. Here’s what you need to know about termites and ant capping. About termites To understand termite caps, you must first understand termites. Termites are pests that eat wood – if they get into…

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How To Find And Fix Roof Leaks

Oct 14, 2020
how to fix roof leaks

A leaky roof is both annoying and damaging to your home If left unaddressed, roof leaks can cause excessive damage to your home. Know the signs and causes of a leaking roof and learn how to fix them. How to find roof leaks 1. Know the causes of roof leaks and how to find them…

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