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Don’t let termites ruin your investment!

Nov 21, 2023
termite inspections

Termites can cause extensive damage if left unchecked. As a homeowner or property investor, the thought of termites damaging your investment is probably a nightmare. These tiny pests can cause major structural damage and can cost thousands of dollars to repair. This damage is often not covered by home insurance! That’s why it’s important to…

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What Is Concrete Cancer?

Oct 23, 2020
concrete cancer

How to prevent concrete cancer Concrete cancer, also called alkali-silica reaction (ASR), is a serious problem that can damage or destory structures made of concrete. This blog explains what concrete cancer is, its causes and signs of concrete cancer with examples of when it has caused damage and how to prevent it. What is concrete…

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Uninvited Guests: Why Termites Are Buzzing in Brisbane this Summer

Jan 11, 2024
Building and pest inspection Brisbane

Stay vigilant and keep termites out of your home In this blog post, we will be delving into a topic that’s buzzing around Brisbane this summer – termites! If you’ve noticed an uptick in termite activity lately you’re not alone. The recent abundance of rain in South-East Queensland has created the perfect conditions for these…

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Building and Pest Inspection in Moreton Bay

Apr 2, 2024
Moreton Bay building and pest inspection

Don’t get caught out! If you are considering purchasing a property in Moreton Bay, it is important not to go into your purchase blindly. Make sure you book a quality building and pest inspection in Moreton Bay with a company you can trust. What is a building and pest inspection? A pre-purchase building and pest…

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Is Your New Property In A Flood Zone?

Oct 23, 2020
flooding in Brisbane

How to know if you’re buying in a flood zone When buying a new property, location is everything. However, you should avoid buying in a flood zone. This is due to several inherent risks that come with living in a flood prone area. In this blog, we’ll take you through how to avoid buying in…

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Handover Inspections

Feb 24, 2023
Practical Completion Inspection

Make sure your new home is good to go with a handover inspection Moving into a newly built home is exciting! However, there’s one final step you need to complete before you can make the final payment and move in – a handover inspection. Handover inspection A handover inspection, also known as a practical completion…

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What Is The Average House Size In Australia?

Dec 23, 2020
Building Inspection in Brisbane

How the average house size may influence your purchase Did you know that house sizes can have a major influence on lifestyle? Not only that, but the average house size also impacts and influences important services such as building and pest inspections. The average house size in Australia When it was last measured in 2017-2018,…

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Building And Pest Inspection: What To Look For

Jun 30, 2023
Brisbane building and pest inspection

Knowing what to look for in a building and pest inspection can help you make an informed decision Every home has its own characteristics and imperfections. Older homes in particular are likely to come with a few defects. Even newer homes are likely to have some issues as unless it’s a brand-new build. What you’re…

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Inspections In Units Or Apartments Brisbane

Dec 23, 2020
Building and pest inspection Brisbane

Need a unit or apartment inspection in Brisbane? Dedant Building and Pest Inspections have been providing inspections for units and apartments since 2009. Have peace of mind with a comprehensive inspection. The Brisbane property market When buying a unit, you should have some idea of how the market is going. Currently in Brisbane we have…

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Things We Do Not Inspect During A Building and Pest Inspection

Jul 15, 2020
Building and Pest Brisbane

Know what to expect with your building and pest inspection Booking a building and pest inspection? It’s important to know what’s not included in the inspection to ensure you make the necessary arrangements. Understanding the scope of a building and pest inspection In Queensland, building and pest inspectors must work in accordance with guidelines set…

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Coronavirus And Building Inspections

Mar 27, 2020
termite inspection in Brisbane

What You Need To Know Learn how the Coronavirus is effecting building inspections. Coronavirus has brought many changes. Social distancing, isolation, rigorous hand washing and frequent disinfecting are all a part of life now. Many businesses are also struggling. Industries such as travel agencies, airlines, cafes and restaurants have been devastated. The building and pest…

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Structural Defects In Logan

Jan 19, 2021

Structural defects can pose a very serious safety risk for your Logan property Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or renter, you need to know about this issue. In this blog, we will define structural defects, look at their causes, provide examples and explain how to address them. What are stuctural defects? The Australian Standard for…

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