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As we move toward June and the start of winter, it is worthwhile to be mindful of winter pests that can lurk around your home in the cold months.

When seasons change, various animals change their behaviour to cope with these conditions. Preparing early for changing seasonal conditions will make keeping your home pest free that much easier.

As such, we have put together this blog to help you know what types of pests to prepare for before winter begins.

1)     Mice and rats

Mice and rats are warm blooded animals. That means they will seek out places of warmth and shelter that have food.

Unfortunately, your home fits that description purposefully.

These rodents will hide in your walls, near warm pipes, in ceiling insulation or in areas like basements.

Rats can spread disease, eat away at electoral wiring and even raid your kitchen if left unchecked.

To treat a mice or rat infestation, consider getting baited traps. Alternately, you may wish to get a cat, which are very good mice catchers.

2)     Bed bugs

Bed bugs, unlike many other forms of insect, do not hibernate during the winter. Instead they remain active.

Bed bugs also are attracted to a similar temperate range as humans. Thus, our bodies are their favourite host. Once they attach to humans, they suck our blood and cause itchy bites.

They attach themselves to clothes such as jumpers or hide in our bags. They are most known for attaching themselves to blankets and doonas and living in our beds, hence their name – bed bugs.

winter pests

What bed bugs look like.

3)     German cockroaches

German cockroaches are a breed of cockroach that like to find warm places to procreate in the winter.

Your home, which is both warm and containing plenty of food, is a prime place for this breed of cockroach to hide.

German cockroaches are an introduced species not native to Australia, but they are a particularly difficult try and get rid of.

However, getting rid of them is an absolute necessity. Cockroaches spread disease and can contaminate the food in your home.

4)     Termites

Termites are active all year round, so you must be as vigilant against them in winter as you are in summer.

These pests will eat away at the wood within and around your home if left unchecked. If any termites are found, do not disturb them and instead contact pest control experts.

5)     Overwintering pests

Overwintering pests are those that will use your home as a place to hibernate in the winter.

Although they are not active during this time, they will become active once the weather heats up again.

Such overwintering pests include flies, ladybugs, moths, mosquitos, caterpillars, stink bugs and crickets.

If you see any of pests hibernating in your home, it is best to remove them before they awaken and continue to threaten your property.

While ladybugs don’t need to worry about snow here in Australia, they will still hibernate in the cold

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