Why do I need a building and pest inspection?

One of the conditions of the sales contract states 'Subject to a Building and Pest Inspection'. The purpose of the inspection is to check the property for major defects that may find the building to not be in a solid state. From this information, you can assess if the sale value being asked is ok. In effect, it protects the buyer and gives them options to negotiate if required for a win-win sale.

It's important that buyers seek out a qualified and licensed Inspector to carry out the work and provide accurate and important information that gives them peace of mind in the decision-making process.

What does a building and pest inspection actually check?

Your Inspector will check the building structure is sound and free from wood rot, termite activity and any termite management systems that may be installed. The house is checked for any high moisture readings especially surrounding the wet areas like bathrooms. The areas that are checked is the yard and exterior of the building, internal rooms and ceiling roof void. The inspection will be conducted to Australian Standards with the findings fully documented.

What does an inspection not look for and cover?

The inspection will be not check for general maintenance items such as poor paint work, damaged carpets and flooring, door handles and fixtures. In addition, the Inspector will not check the plumbing, electrical and gas installations as they are not qualified to do so. However, any obvious issues will be reported and further investigations will be required.

Behind furniture or vanities/kitchen cabinets, under floor coverings are not checked as the Australian standards does not allow us to remove anything under a pre-purchase inspection. The owner’s written permission is required to move things or have them moved prior to the inspection.

How long does it take to complete an inspection?

The inspection depending on the home generally takes between an hour to an hour and half .

What do I do when I receive my report?

You will be asked to read the report in full. If you have any questions about the findings, we recommend that you contact your Inspector to clarify these.

What qualifications and licenses does DedAnt have?

The qualifications for a building inspector is that you be a licenced builder for a minimum of 5 years and then do a builders inspectors course, then apply with the QBCC for a licence. The qualifications for a termite inspector is to do 14 subjects covering general pests and termites once these 14 subjects are completed you apply with QLD Health for Health Licence.

The criteria for a pest licence with the QBCC is to have the Health Licence and a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the field under a licenced Inspector.

Do I need to prepare for the inspection, move furniture etc?

Yes. It is highly recommended that through the real-estate agent that furniture be pulled away from the wall so that we can access behind.

This rarely happens and an invasive inspection will always be recommended to be done.

The owner’s/occupants written permission is required to move things or have them moved prior to the inspection.

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