Types of Termite Barriers

Protect your home against termites.

Termite barriers are your main defense against an infestation of these troublesome pests.

However, there are many different types of termite barriers and it’s important to know the facts.

1. Physical Barriers

Physical barriers are built into the design of the property to prevent termites from entering your home. This barrier generally consists of mesh webbing that is placed underneath the slab of the house.

With a correctly built barrier, termites will be unable to get into your property without climbing out into an area of the property that is clearly visible. This gives you the opportunity to call an expert to exterminate them.

For information on how to spot a termite infestation, see our previous blog.

If you’re buying a home that is newly built, many homes will have a physical termite barrier.

However, over time these physical barriers can degrade, becoming less effective and allowing termites to move through cracks in the slab of your home undetected.

2. Chemical termite barriers

Chemical barriers are different as they are not permanent fixtures of a house.

Instead, chemical barriers are installed by experts who dig a trench around the perimeter of the property and spray the perimeter with a chemical substance.

Depending on the chemical used, these barriers have different effects – some chemicals ward off termites while other barriers kill termites.

At Dedant, we use a slow-acting chemical that works by contaminating termites as they come in contact with the barrier. The contaminated termites then take this chemical back to the nest, effectively killing off the whole colony. It is also a long-lasting chemical, lasting up to 8 years.

Which type of termite barrier is better?

Ideally, having both barriers is preferable. However, if you can only get one. Dedant recommends you use a chemical barrier.

Not only is it less costly than installing a physical barrier, but it is far easier to keep a chemical barrier at maximum effectiveness. A damaged physical barrier can be costly to replace, but a chemical barrier can be replaced by experts much easier and with less hassle.

Dedant is an accredited applicator of Termidor, which is undetectable to termites and works by slowly poisoning termites, allowing the poison to spread to other termites which wipes out the infestation at the nest. That way, the termites will not come back.

Regardless of which type of termite barrier you use, it is important to continue getting annual termite inspections. Termites are elusive creatures and no product on the market will provide a gaurantee of 100% protection, as there are several ways termites can find entry into a property.

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