Answering Your Handover Inspection Questions

Completing a building project is always a massive achievement, however even after construction is done, you still have to do the handover inspection. This step can confuse many people, so we will be answering your handover inspection questions in this blog.

What is a new build handover?

When you want to build your dream home from scratch, you need to go through several steps.

These include getting the finances in order, finding the right site, choosing the right building contractors and then the construction process itself.

After this, mandatory inspections are done which ensure that the house is a livable dwelling with weatherproofing, power and water connected.

However, after this, you’re still not done. The new build handover inspection must be conducted. This is the final examination of the house to make sure it’s built up to standard and to your specifications.

Why is the handover inspection so important?

It is the final step before you make a payment, so it’s important to get it right. Once you’ve paid the builder, they are much less likely to help you.

This saves you from having to re-hire them or hire new builders to fix minor issues down the track. It also stops minor issues from becoming major issues.

That’s why it is so important to get a quality inspection service.


What is the difference between mandatory and handover inspections?

A mandatory inspection is just to make sure that the house is a livable structure.

By comparison, a handover inspection is done after the mandatory inspection. It makes sure the final touches are all correct and all elements of construction are up to industry standards.

This inspection looks at things like unevenness in the finishes, the gaps underneath doors, whether railings are loose and so on.

It is much more in-depth and the final chance for you to make sure your home is perfect.

How does the handover inspection work?

Generally, your builder will give you 2- or 3-weeks’ notice before handover is expected to take place.

From there you should conduct a qualified inspector who will undertake a thorough examination of your home.

A report is then delivered to you noting all the defects of the property. The builders should then fix these defects.

A follow-up inspection and report can then be conducted at your request.

Who can do my handover inspection?

Of all the handover inspection questions, this is perhaps the most important. Thankfully, we’ve got an easy answer.

Dedant Building and Pest Inspections offers affordable, quality handover inspections.

These inspections are followed by an easy-to-follow report that includes pictures of any faults and tells you the correct trade responsible for fixing the fault.

Dedant services Brisbane, Logan, the Gold Coast, Moreton, Ipswich and the Scenic Rim.

Call now on 07 3807 0122 or contact us on our website.

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