The best way to stop termites

Termites pose a major threat to the safety and integrity of your home. It for that reason you should be aware of the best way to stop termites.

In short, the best way to stop termites is by contacting a professional. However, it is important to know what treatment options are available.

The impact of Termites

Termites are seen by some to be very minor pests.

In truth, termites can do massive damage to your home – some years they do more damage than floods or storms.

Termites seek out and feed on the wood in your property.

They love wooden frames but even steel framed houses are not immune. Termites travel up steel to eat wooden roof trusses, furniture and fixtures.

If left unchecked, they can even cause some houses to collapse!

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Know the signs

There are several signs that indicate termites have infested your home.

If you knock on a wooden wall and it sounds hollow, this can be a sign of termites. Do not wait until your foot goes through a skirting board.

When they eat, termites can warp windows and doors, making them tougher to open.

Termites are also confused for “white ants”. In truth, there is no breed of ant that is white. Any light-coloured ant is probably a termite.

Some termites also fly. A light-coloured flying “ant” is also a termite.

Another sign of termites is small black marks around the house. This is called “mudding” and is the tacks of the termites.


Consult the experts

While there are some things you can do to yourself for termite prevention, if you find an infestation, immediately contact a professional.

Dedant offers thorough annual or bi-annual termite inspections at a reasonable price. This involves advanced technology like thermal imaging cameras.

Every home should have a termite management system. This can be either a physical barrier or a chemical barrier.

Chemical barriers can be put up by qualified technicians to stop termites and kill them at the source.

This process involves digging a trench around the perimeter of your home and spraying the chemical Termidor in it. This chemical is undetectable to termites and slowly kills their whole nest over time.

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