How Termites Get Into Your House

Learn how termites can enter your home.

Most people know the dangers of a termite infestation. However, many people still wonder how termites get into a house in the first place.

1. Cracks in concrete

Termites cannot eat through concrete. However, they are small enough to be able to fit into small cracks and holes in concrete.

Termites find tiny cracks in concrete foundations, brick mortar, or concrete blocks and travel through them into your home. They generally do this by tunnelling underground and up through the cracks in brickwork into the house.

2. Piles of wood

Piles of lumber or firewood can attract termites. If these piles of wood are close to your home, a termite can easily travel from a piece of wood to your home.

Without food, termites cannot travel too far. Make sure to keep piles of wood away from your house, or stored safely somewhere termites cannot get to.

3. Dead trees and foliage

Termites love dead and decaying trees because they are easier for the termites to chew through.

Leaving dead trees in your yard is a sure-fire way to invite termites into your home. Termites can quickly move from the tree to your home as they seek to find more sources of food.  This applies to stumps as well. You should remove any dead trees or stumps from your yard as soon as possible.

4. Tree branches

Even living trees pose a risk of housing termites.

This is because termites go from tree branches to anything that the branch is touching. If you have a tree that has branches touching your roof, termites will move from the branch to your roof and then go into your home.

Keep trimming branches and leaves so that no extremities touch your home.

5. Clogged gutters

When your gutters become clogged and overflow with rainwater, this can dampen your roof and cause it to rot.

This rot attracts termites and gives them a point of weakness they can chew into.

Keeping your gutters unclogged allows for water to travel through pipes easily and not damage your roof.

6. Around air conditioning units

Termites thrive on moisture. Air conditioning units create a lot of run-off moisture. As such, termites are attracted to this moisture and create colonies nearby. They can also enter through the pipes if its not properly diverted.

Where possible, keep your air conditioning unit off the ground.

What to do if you think you might have termites?

If you think you might have termites, don't disturb them! Instead, contact an expert immediately. Do not try and handle the problem yourself. Termites are elusive creatures and are likely to find a new hiding place if disturbed. A professional pest inspector will know how to look for the termites and treat them appropriately. Trying to remove or treat the termites yourself will likely cause them to find a new location in the house.

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