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termites found after a clear building and pest inspection

Termites Found After A Clear Building and Pest Inspection

While it is uncommon, it is not unheard of that termites are found after a clear building and pest inspection.  This can happen for many reasons including natural occurrence, infested neighboring properties, negligent inspectors and buyers…
Terminating under a building and pest condition

Terminating Under A ‘Pest and Building’ Condition – “The Buyer Must Act Reasonably”

GUEST BLOG BY MAP LAWYERS In Queensland it is standard for contracts of sale to include a pest and building condition. The condition allows a Buyer to engage a licensed inspector to carry out an inspection of the condition of the property.…
drone roof inspection

Drone Inspections

Since their invention, drones have been utilised in many industries. In the building and pest industry, drones are employed to carry out roof inspections. Drone inspections provide a safe, accurate and cost-effective method of checking the condition…
Resale of building and pest report

Can I Use Someone Else’s Building and Pest Report?

With the property market running hot, it’s no surprise that sellers are wanting to capitalise on the sale of their property. To speed up the buying process, some sellers are getting a pre-sale building and pest inspection report to show potential…
Meth Testing Kit

Do You Really Need Meth Testing?

For the past decade, meth consumption and production have been on the rise in Australia. For this reason, meth testing is a necessary service for many people. However, many companies promote their meth testing services by creating fear within…
termite solutions for your Brisbane home

Termite Solutions for your Brisbane Home

Living in Brisbane, you certainly have reasonable cause for concern regarding a possible termite infestation. Termites love our Brisbane climate and can crop up almost anywhere. As professional pest inspectors, we have seen many different…
termite inspection

Termite Inspection vs Termite Treatment

Did you know that 1 in 3 Queensland homes are either currently affected by termites or have previously experienced termite activity? The hot, humid conditions of Queensland make it an ideal location for termites to settle. Termites eat the…
building and pest inspections for new home buyers

Everything you need to know about Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

After many years within the building and pest industry, we have been asked nearly every question imaginable about a building and pest inspection. Most often, these questions are asked by first homebuyers and rightly so. If you’re new to…
Termites treatments

Termite Myths

Over the years, we have heard many myths about termites. For the most part, these myths are common misconceptions from homeowners about how termites operate, what they eat and the best method of treatment. In this blog, we debunk the most…
termite management systems for new homes

Termite Management Systems for homes on the Gold Coast

Termites are a major issue on the Gold Coast causing thousands of dollars of damage to homes every year. It is vital to install a termite management system to protect your home. In this blog, you will find information about termites on the…