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Health effects from damp homes

The health effects from damp homes are serious and should not…

Shoddy Workmanship Found During Building Inspection

Shoddy workmanship found during building inspections is an unfortunate…
steel corrosion

Steel Corrosion

Steel corrosion is a common household problem. This is particularly…
settlement crack woodridge

Cracking in houses, when do I need to worry?

Australia has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in…
water leaking loganlea

10 tips for spotting water damage when buying

When house hunting, looking out for water damage when buying…
pool fence sunshine coast

Buying a house in Queensland with a pool - What do you need to know?

Almost 20% of Brisbane residents have a pool. If you are looking…

What is involved with Asbestos Testing

From the 1940s up until the mid-1990s, asbestos was a common…
ant capping

Ant Capping

Termite capping is a reliable way to stop termites from entering…
moisture around stump with arrow

House Restumping

You are looking at purchasing a house and your building and pest…

Meth Testing

Meth testing is the best way to protect yourself from the very…