Building Inspections Queensland

Building inspection

Make an informed purchase decision Building inspections in Queensland are an important part of the buying process. These inspections are designed to provide buyers with a comprehensive report on the condition of the property they are considering purchasing. Building inspections Queensland Building inspections Queensland are generally conducted prior to finalizing a property purchase. A building…

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Building Inspection Myths

Brisbane building and pest inspection

The 7 most common building inspection myths There are many building inspection myths that people believe which leads them to ignore or miss major defects in their home or commercial property. 1. New houses are in good condition and don’t need inspections A commonly held myth is that because your house is new, it will…

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How To Spot Common Building Defects

Brisbane building inspection

Don’t get caught out. Learn how to spot common building defects. Before buying a home, you should always consult experts to conduct a pre-purchase building inspection. However, there’s some common defects that you should keep an eye out for while inspecting the home. 1. Mould Mould, also called mildew, is a fungal growth that grows…

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How To Find And Fix Roof Leaks

how to fix roof leaks

A leaky roof is both annoying and damaging to your home If left unaddressed, roof leaks can cause excessive damage to your home. Know the signs and causes of a leaking roof and learn how to fix them. How to find roof leaks 1. Know the causes of roof leaks and how to find them…

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Qualifications Building Inspectors Should Have In QLD

Building inspection

Don’t risk hiring a dodgy inspector Hiring an incompentent inspector could cost you thousands in the long run. Don’t get caught out. Learn what qualifications are required of Queensland building inspectors so you can make sure you’re hiring a professional.  Building inspectors in Queensland Queensland has the toughest standards for building inspectors anywhere in Australia.…

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Shoddy Workmanship Found During Building Inspection

foundation defects building and pest inspections

Common defects due to shoddy workmanship Shoddy workmanship is an unfortnate reality of the building industry. Whether it’s done by licensed builders or home renovators, it’s not unusual for us to see these common defects during building inspections. Bent or damaged ant caps All buildings must have some form of termite management system to protect…

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House Restumping

foundation and subfloor problems

Learn about what’s involved in restumping a house Has your building and pest inspection noted that the house has subfloor and foundation issues? Learn about what’s involved in the house restumping process to help you decide if the house is still right for you. What are house stumps? Typically houses in Australia in the 1950s-1970s…

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Finding Cracks Around Your Property

found cracks in walls

A guide to cracks around your home Finding cracks around your home can be evidence of a serious problem. Here is our guide to help you understand the causes of cracks, where they’re commonly found and what you can do about them. 1. Cracks found in flooring Cracks in your floor are generally caused by…

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5 Ways To Prevent Mould From Growing In Your Home

prevent mould

Learn how to prevent mould in your home Mould is a major threat to your home, health and overall quality of life. In homes, it speaks of a larger propbelm of moisture issues leading to serious building defects. That’s why it is important to learn ways to prevent mould in your home. 1. Prevent moisture…

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How To Prevent Rust

rusted roof - building and pest

Learn how to prevent rust in your home One of the most common defects found around the home is rust. It’s unsightly and can cause serious issues or even safety hazards if left unaddressed. Learn the best ways to prevent rust in your home in this blog. 1. Keep metals dry Rust needs the right…

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