Qualifications Building Inspectors Should Have In QLD

Don't risk hiring a dodgy inspector

Hiring an incompentent inspector could cost you thousands in the long run. Don't get caught out. Learn what qualifications are required of Queensland building inspectors so you can make sure you're hiring a professional. 

Building inspectors in Queensland

Queensland has the toughest standards for building inspectors anywhere in Australia. Your Queensland building inspector should have a long list of qualifications and years of experience.

Failure to have the right qualifications means that you cannot guarantee your building inspector has the proper skills, training, experience and equipment to do the job well.

As such, you can spend hundreds of dollars, only for your unqualified inspector to completely miss the relevant issues impacting the property.

Do not waste your time and money. Do not risk hiring a dodgy tradie.

1. License

The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (the QBCC) is the industry regulator for the entire state.

The QBCC provides information, advice and maintains standards for property building standards. The QBCC can give remedies for defective work.

QBCC standards are the strictest in Australia.

For example, inspectors are required to possess a Completed Residential Building Inspector license.

To successfully acquire this license, a tradesperson must meet several conditions.

Firstly, they must have 5 years experience as a licensed builder, building surveyor, assistant building surveyor or building surveyor technician.

An applicant must provide evidence such as documents detailing where and when they worked, as well as 3 referees to support the documentation.

To get a building inspection license, an applicant must have a certificate for a Completed Residential Building Inspector’s Course from an accredited course provider.

The course covers aspects of an inspection including the method, report writing, communication, relevant laws, liability as well as health and safety.

Copies of technical qualifications such as the course certificate and a builder license must be provided to the QBCC.

Only then, will an inspector be given their license, if they meet the requirements of the QBCC.

2. Insurance

Make sure your inspector has the relevant insurance. If you are unsure, get your inspector to verify this insurance.

For example, one of the main ones is Personal Indemnity (PI) insurance protects businesses that give advice or services to clients.

It is a requirement for getting a Completed Residential Building Inspector license.

Failure to have the right insurance brings into question the quality of the inspector violates their license.

3. Experience and past work

One of the best qualifications building inspectors can show you is their portfolio.

The past work of a building inspector is a great indication of their skill.

Thus, you should get a sample report that outlines what they examine in their report and how easy it is to follow.

If they are hesitant to show you a report or the report is not to your liking, this can be a sign they are not qualified.

4. Other qualifications, certificates or awards

Finding out what other qualifications an inspector has can help you assess their level of skill.

For example, they may also be a licensed pest controller, have a certificate in workplace health and safety, asbestos training or accredited training in a specialty service or product.

Furthermore, they may be a member of groups such as the Master Builders Association of Queensland or a similar organisation.

By finding out what other qualifications or associations your inspector has, you can be assured they are skilled in their field.

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