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5 Ways To Prevent Mould From Growing In Your Home

Mould is a major threat to your home, health and overall quality of life. You should take proactive steps to prevent mould from growing in your home before it becomes too large a problem.

Mould has been known to cause health issues of all types, including a weakened immune system, allergies, severe asthma, nausea and lung disease.

It is also a major eyesore to any home and can bring down the value of your home considerably if you’re looking to sell it.

We have put together this guide to help you prevent a mould infestation in your home.

1)     Prevent moisture build-up

Mould needs moisture and humidity to survive. As such, the first thing you should do is to prevent the build up of moisture.

You can do this by first finding all places where mould builds up – do you have pipes that leak? Do you have a basement prone to flooding? Is there condensation around windows? Are your gutters clogged?

Fixing leaky pipes, unclogging gutters and making an effort to dry the wet areas around your home will do much to stop mould from growing.

2)     Improve airflow

Mould thrives in areas with poor airflow – basements, rooms without windows and the like.

Without proper airflow, mould can grow on the floor, on windows and on the ceiling.

To improve airflow, keep windows and doors open as much as possible. You can also use fans to circulate air throughout the home.

By allowing fresh air to enter and move about your home, you are actively making your home cooler and making it harder for mould to grow

open windows to prevent mould

3)     Monitor humidity

Humidity can occur in the summertime and it is deeply unpleasant – the hot, damp conditions make us sweaty and uncomfortable.

Reducing humidity involves improving airflow and eliminating moisture. However, you should also consider using air conditioning or buying a dehumidifier for your home.

Make sure to keep your AC and dehumidifiers clean, or else they themselves will begin to produce moisture.

4)     Stop mould growing on plants

Plants need to be kept watered, so they naturally attract moisture. Thus, plants will regularly attract mould.

You should reduce the risk of mould on your plants by allowing the soil to dry before watering it again. Consider adding a sprinkle of Taheebo tea, cinnamon, apple cider vinegar or baking soda to your soil, which act as natural anti-fungal agents.

5)     Be careful of bugs

Where mould occurs, pests generally follow – this is because many breeds of bugs thrive under the same type of conditions mould does.

Dedant Building and Pest Inspections can assess both the existence of bugs and mould on and in your property.

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