Finding cracks around your home can be evidence of a much more serious problem. As such, you should be cautious of any cracks found in and around your property.

In this blog, we’ll go over the causes of cracks, where they’re commonly found and what you can do about them.

1)     Finding cracks in floor

Cracks in your floor are generally caused by problems with the foundation. These cracks can worsen over time, which can result in water leaks and other issues.

Changes in soil are generally the cause for such cracks.

When the ground around the foundation of your home becomes too try, the soil around the foundation can shrink.

This shrinking weakens the support for the foundation and causes it to move or sink, resulting in cracks.

Inversely, when the soil becomes filled with groundwater, it can expand and push the foundation up, also resulting in cracks.

Cracks found in the floor of your home can be evidence of settling.

2)     Finding cracks in walls

Cracks can also be found in the walls of your home. The cause of such cracks can depend on what the wall is made from and can travel up to the ceiling.

The existence of cracks in brick walls can be the result of settling or movement of the soil. However, it can also be the result of poor construction.

Furthermore, cracks in drywall can be the result of faulty taping in panels. Drywall is held together with mud and covered with tape as a way of sticking the various drywall panels together.

If the tape is not properly applied or there is not enough mud to stick the panels together, this can cause tape to peel away and result in fine cracks appearing.

If there is dampness around the crack, you may have issues with water leakage.

Cracks such as this in brick wall can be evidence of shoddy construction work.

3)     Finding cracks on roof tiles

There may also be cracks in the tiles of your roof.

These cracks can form as a result of moisture penetrating the tiles and seeping into the pores of the tile. When these tiles heat up from the sun, they expand and cracks form.

Cracks can also form as a result of people walking on the roof or damage from hail, wind, pests or falling debris.

These cracks can cause water to leak into your home resulting in mould and puddles of water in your home.

Cracked roof tiles such as these can be evidence of damage, structural issues or both.

What to do about cracks


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