Water Damage And How To Avoid It

Water damage poses a major threat to any property.

Moisture can lead to major issues at a property including structual damage, termites and other pests, mould and health issues. Here are our top tips to stop moisture build up in your home.

1. Keep gutters clear

Gutters are designed to control the flow of water off roofs and into an area that will not damage the house.

However, gutters can become blocked by the build-up of debris such as leaves.

A blocked gutter can’t carry water. Instead, water overflows and travels down walls.

This water can seep into your home’s electrical system, pool around your foundation and ruin the external walls and ceiling of your home.

Ensure downpipes are properly fitted and in good condition as well.

2. Divert water away from the house

One of the most important things you can do to prevent water damage is to make sure water is diverted from your home.

It is ideal to have a landscape in your property that naturally directs water away from your home.

However, some people are not so fortunate. Instead, water will pool up around the home and damage the foundation.

You can help divert water by digging a trench with gently sloping slides to ensure water runoff is directed away from your home.

Water from air conditioning condensation must flow away from the house too. Consider getting a catch basin or pipe installed that accomplishes this.

3. Ensure good ventilation

Poor ventilation creates internal moisture issues. Without proper ventilation, moisture becomes trapped and conditions are ripe for the growth of mould.

Not only that, but air quality suffers, and excess moisture can ruin carpets and stain walls.

The best way to improve ventilation is to keep doors and windows open as much as possible. This allows fresh air to circulate through the home.

You can also make use of fans to further circulate air throughout the home.

4. Fix any moisture issues quickly

If you notice any moisture issues around your property, it's important to repair them quickly. Moisture issues and water damage can lead to major problems as water can compromise the home's structural integrity if left unaddressed. Termites are also highly attracted to damp areas and can cause significant damage if they gain entry to your home.

The cost of repairing water damage and moisture issues will vary depending on type of problem. However, the cost of leaving moisture issues unaddressed will undoubtably be expensive. That's why it's best to always address the issue quickly before it has the opportunity to become a larger problem.

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