The Scope Of A Building And Pest Inspection

Know the scope of a building and pest inspection

Understanding the scope of a building and pest inspection before it happens will help you make a better decision about the property.

What an inspection looks at

A building and pest inspection examines the structural elements of a house to determine major defects, minor defects and safety hazards associated with the property.

Major defects include cracking and movement, deformation, excessive moisture behind walls, fungal decay and evidence of a termite infestation. By comparison, minor defects include chipped tiles, broken handles and cosmetic damage.

A property’s interior and exterior, roof space, sub-floor space, and roof exterior are all looked at during an inspection.

Furthermore, structures such as patios, decking, fences, timber retaining walls and stumps are all examined.

Limits of the inspection

All building and pest inspections are visual and non-invasive. Inspectors cannot move furniture, items or parts of the building to see behind these things.

Inspectors cannot remove or dismantle any part of the property to get a better look at any possible fault. As these inspections are non-invasive, inspectors cannot move any objects, items or obstructions.

For example, inspectors rely on equipment to determine the amount of moisture behind walls because they cannot go behind walls themselves.

Inspections will not cover non-structural elements of a home such as asbestos, swimming pools, signs of residual drug contamination or whether fireplaces are functioning properly.

Testing for Asbestos or Methamphetamine done are separate services.

What a building and pest report will tell you

Reports are compiled in order to give you the key findings of the inspection such as major defects that need to be addressed in order to avoid unsafe conditions.

The report will also give an impression regarding the extent of minor defects and will ultimately comment on the overall condition of the property.

If inspectors could not get access to an area, the report will simply state that this area was inaccessible, and flaws may exist.

What the report can't tell you

It is not within the scope of a building and pest inspection to tell you how much fixing an issue will cost. Inspectors also will not comment on whether you should buy a property.

Reports exist to help you make your own decision regarding a prospective new home. It offers peace of mind and eliminates any nasty surprises that might be waiting for you in the home.

Have peace of mind with Dedant

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