Coronavirus And Building Inspections

What You Need To Know

Learn how the Coronavirus is effecting building inspections.

Coronavirus has brought many changes.

Social distancing, isolation, rigorous hand washing and frequent disinfecting are all a part of life now.

Many businesses are also struggling. Industries such as travel agencies, airlines, cafes and restaurants have been devastated.

The building and pest inspection industry are in a better position, as it is tied to the property market. Despite COVID-19, houses are still being auctioned across Australia's capital cities. Last weekend alone, 2539 homes went to auction.

Onsite and in-person auctions may be prohibited, but virtual property tours, private inspections and digital/online auctions are still happening.

Houses are still being auctioned and sold at the present moment. Building and pest inspections are absolutely necessary for anyone looking to buy a house.

How is DedAnt responding to the Coronavirus Crisis?

The work of building and pest inspection requires a certain amount of physical proximity. Inspectors must enter a property to conduct the wide range of services they offer.

However, Dedant has taken on several measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus and protect our staff as well as the community at large.

Any staff who feel sick must stay home. Social distancing is maintained in the office and on the job.

Inspectors must wear protective masks and gloves to limit the risk of transmission by cough or touch.

Equipment is cleaned constantly. Hand sanitizer is used before, during and after every inspection.

Keeping Our Staff and the Community Safe

Businesses can help fight the coronavirus with professionalism and good hygiene. Dedant has always followed these habits which are now more important now than ever.

However, in the event a client is sick, we will refrain from entering the property out of concern for the health of our inspectors and the general public.

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While times are incredibly difficult for everyone, Dedant Building and Pest Inspections are committed to the safety and quality of their service.

To find out more about Dedant, click here to see our FAQs.

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