Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspection

Getting a pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a vital step when purchasing an existing home.  The pre-purchase building and pest inspection is a visual inspection of the property, that reports on major issues, minor issues and termite / borer activity or evidence.

It is recommended that your purchase contract is reliant on your satisfaction with the outcome of your building and pest inspection.

What is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

When you have found the perfect home or investment property, you generally love the location, near by amenities and ‘look’ of the property, but it takes and industry expert to see the full picture. Building inspectors are highly experienced professionals with extensive experience in the construction industry and further training to become an inspector.  There are two parts to the pre-purchase inspection – the building inspection that looks at structural issues, hazards and maintenance concerns and the timber pest inspection that identifies any evidence of termites and timber borers.  The inspector will identify termite damage, as well as conducive conditions for termites.  The inspection is a visual inspection only and inspectors are not permitted to move furniture or any other items in the property, however there is equipment available to inspectors that give them a better indication what might be happening behind the walls, such as moisture metre that can detect high levels of moisture in the walls and other surfaces, a thermal imaging camera that will identify ‘hot’ spots behind the walls (this would indicate a termite nest) and Termatrac which is a motion sensor (giving an indication of termites moving behind the walls)

The pre-purchase inspection does not include items such as electrical system or any appliances within the home, plumbing, smoke alarms or swimming pools.  There are other experts who need to be engaged if you would like these items investigated ie Electrician, plumber or swimming pool company.

See more information on exactly what is included in your Dedant Building and Pest Inspection here

So why are pre-purchase building inspections so important?

The report generated from the pre-purchase inspection will identify any major issues that could be a safety hazard or impact on the livability of the property.  It will also identify maintenance issues. As a buyer, you can then ascertain if the price you are paying for the property is fair given the repairs or maintenance that is recommended being undertaken.

pre purchase building and pest inspection

When buying a house, pre-purchase inspection is vital.

After the Inspection

After the inspection is concluded, you will receive a report detailing the faults of the house. A skilled inspector will make the report easy to follow and understand. However, if you still have questions or concerns you should contact the inspector as soon as possible.

You may share the report with your legal team for the purchase or get quotes based on the findings of your report.  It is advisable to repair or seek further advice on the issues that have been found and are listed as major issues on your report.

Shows services in action

A building inspection conducted by one of our own at Dedant

How to book a building and pest inspection?

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