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garden termite

Getting a termite inspection for your garden

Termites or white ants in garden beds are a very real threat to your home. Before you know it, they move from your garden bed into your home. If you have a garden, you should get a termite inspection annually. In this blog, we look at…
older house

A pre-purchase building inspection for an older house

Older homes offer buyers a chance to own a piece of history. However, you should be aware that these homes often come with risks. Thankfully, these risks can be found in a pre-purchase building inspection. While you should always get a…
roof tile

Is the roof inspected in a building and pest inspection?

Many homeowners are eager to get their roof inspected when they book with us. The roof can be an area of concern when buying a house, as you generally cannot make a good visual assessment of the entire roof from ground level. Building and…
house for sale

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Protects the Buyer

Buying a home is the biggest investment that most people will make in their lives. As such, you should protect yourself with a pre-purchase building and pest inspection. If you are the buyer it is always preferable to get a professional in…
investment property

Buying and Managing Interstate Properties

Investment properties are one of the most reliable methods of social mobility in Australia. Buying and managing properties out of state is becoming more and more popular. During the Coronavirus pandemic, property sales in Queensland from…

Want to book a building inspector in Caboolture?

Call Dedant Building Inspections Caboolture for a free quote today. Phone 07 3807 0122 Are you looking to buy a house, unit, townhouse, apartment, or commercial property in Caboolture?  From mega mansions to studio apartments, we do it all.…
brisbane flood 1893

Is your new property in a flood zone?

When buying a new property, location is everything. However, you should avoid buying in a flood zone. This is due to several inherent risks that come with living in a flood prone area. In this blog, we explain why you should worry about…
concrete wall

What is concrete cancer?

Concrete cancer, also called alkali–silica reaction (ASR), is a serious problem that can damage or destroy structures made of concrete. This blog explains what concrete cancer is, its causes and signs of concrete cancer with examples of…
ants stock image

How to reduce ants around your home

Ants are a common sight around many Australian homes. Constantly on the hunt for food, ants can quickly become a problem. You should know how to reduce ants around your home. Types of ants Some ants are venomous, some destructive and others…
termite nest

What do termites sound like?

Knowing what termites sound like can be the difference between detecting an infestation early and letting it go unabated for years. This is because termites are often hard to spot visually. As such, one of the first signs termites are…