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Shoddy Workmanship Found During Building Inspection

Shoddy workmanship found during building inspections is an unfortunate reality of the industry. The Building Code of Australia requires that qualified builders to meet the certain standards for safety, health, sustainability and amenities…
steel corrosion

Steel Corrosion

Steel corrosion is a common household problem and is particularly evident in steel columns. In this blog, we examine the corrosion of structural steel, what problems can result and how to prevent it. But first, it is important to understand…
settlement crack woodridge

Cracking in houses, when do I need to worry?

Australia has been experiencing one of the worst droughts in history, causing more and bigger cracking in houses than has been seen previously. When you first notice a crack, it might not seem like much. Before too long, that annoying little…
water leaking loganlea

10 tips for spotting water damage when buying

When house hunting, looking out for water damage is essential. Water is the cause of many major household problems that can end up costing you thousands of dollars down the line. It's important to know the signs of water damage and what…
swimming pool inspection brisbane

Buying a house in Queensland with a pool: What you need to know

Almost 20% of Brisbane residents have a pool, many of these people will get a pool inspection. If you are looking at buying a house with a pool in Queensland, it is a great idea to get some advice from a pool professional. Like a pre-purchase…

What is involved with Asbestos Testing

From the 1940s up until the mid-1990s, asbestos was a common fixture in the Australian building industry. This is due to its durability, insulating properties and fireproof nature. However, it was eventually found that the fibres of asbestos…
ant capping

Ant Capping

Termite capping (a.k.a ant capping) is a reliable way to stop termites from entering your home undetected. Ant capping is a necessary precaution that all responsible homeowners should take. Experienced building and pest inspectors will…
moisture around stump with arrow

House Restumping

You are looking at purchasing a house and your building and pest inspection has noted that there is evidence of cracking in the stumps or house footings and you should engage a qualified house restumping contractor. What does this mean? House…
meth rock

Meth Testing

Meth testing is the best way to protect yourself from the very real threat of meth residue which can endanger the health of you and your family. Meth use and manufacture is a real danger in South East Queensland, with the incidence on the…