Timber Pest Inspection

How to identify termites.

Do you think that you have found termites? Learn how to identify termites in Australia.

What is a timber pest inspection?

A timber pest inspection is a visual examination of a property to identify any evidence of timber pest activity or damage. This can include termites and timber borers. The termite pest inspector will look for common signs of activity and damage such as mud tubes, hollow sounds in timber, or exit holes.

A thermal imaging camera, sounding tool and moister meter are also used during the inspection. As these tools can help the inspector identify items that may not be present to the human eye. Such as high moisture readings and abnormal heat patterns which can indicate termite activity.

Timber pest report

In the timber pest report, the inspector will also note if the property’s termite management system is current. They will also note any conducive conditions at the property which could encourage future infestations.

If termites are found, the pest inspector will provide recommendations for treatment and prevention. Depending on the severity of the infestation, treatment options may include chemical treatments, baiting systems, or physical barriers to prevent pests from entering the property.

What areas of the property are checked?

All accessible areas within 30 meters of the home are checked. This includes the interior, exterior, subfloor, roof, roof void, garages, fences, retaining walls and more. Under Australian Standards, the roof, roof void and subfloor will only be checked if it’s safe to do so.

About termites

Termites are known for their ability to feed on wood and other plant materials, which makes them important decomposers in many ecosystems. They live in large colonies that can contain thousands or even millions of individual termites.

Termites can be both beneficial and harmful to humans. On the one hand, they help to break down dead plant material and recycle nutrients in ecosystems. On the other hand, they can cause significant damage to wooden structures and other materials in a property.

Termites do play an important role in the natural world, but their impact on humans can be both positive and negative depending on the context.

Why it is important to have the house checked for termites?

Overall, a timber pest inspection is an important step in protecting property from the damage caused by wood-destroying pests. By identifying potential problems early and taking prompt action, property owners can minimize the risk of damage. It also ensures the property remains safe and structurally sound.

Australian Standards recommend having your home checked for termites annually. However, if you live in a high-risk zone, it is often recommended to have a timber pest inspection twice yearly.

If you think you've found termites in your home - don’t disturb them!

Termites are shy creatures that will find a new location if they are disturbed. If you’ve found termites in your home, cover the area back up until a licensed pest inspector can attend the property. If you have accidentally pulled away or destroyed timber and have discovered termites, cover up the exposed area immediately.

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