White Ants

How to identify termites.

Do you think that you have found termites? Learn how to identify termites in Australia.

What are white ants?

Termites are often called "white ants" because they have a similar appearance to ants, with a slender body and six legs. However, they are actually more closely related to cockroaches than ants. The name "white ants" is somewhat misleading, as termites are not a type of ant and are not white in color. Instead, they are usually a pale brown or white color.

Despite their physical similarities, termites and ants have distinct differences in their behavior, habitat, and biology.

Termite behaviour

Termites live in large colonies and have a highly organized social structure, with different castes of individuals performing specific roles. The workers are responsible for gathering food and building the nest. While the soldiers defend the colony from predators.

The reproductive termites, or swarmers, are responsible for mating and starting new colonies. Reproductive termites are often referred to as flying termites as they develop wings in order to start new colonies in different locations.

The purpose of white ants

Termites are important decomposers in ecosystems, breaking down dead wood and returning nutrients to the soil. However, they can also cause damage to buildings and wooden structures, making them a nuisance for humans. It's important to properly identify and control termite infestations to prevent damage.

Protect your home against termites

The best form of protection against termites is having regular inspections. Often called an Annual Timber Pest Inspection.

Termites can do a significant amount of damage to a home if they go unnoticed. Before you know it, the structural integrity of the property could be compromised – costing you thousands in repairs.

To make matters worse, termite damage is often not covered under home insurance. That’s why its so important to have a termite check at your home every year, at a minimum.

A termite inspection may not stop termites from moving into your home but it will ensure any infestation is detected early. Early detection and intervention can help prevent significant damage and costly repairs.

What to do if you discover white ants?

If you suspect that you have a termite infestation in your home or property, it is important to contact a pest inspector asap. In the meantime, do not disturb the termites.

They are naturally shy creatures and will find a new location if disturbed, making them harder to treat. A licensed pest inspector will be able to provide further investigations (if necessary) and a spot treatment to exterminate the termites.

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Our inspectors have been checking homes for termites since 2009 and know what to look for, ensuring you receive a comprehensive inspection.

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