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5 DIY tips for keeping out termites

At Dedant, we make no secret of the dangers of termites. Given the dangers of these pests, we are sharing our DIY tips for keeping out termites.

1)     Fix leaky plumbing and gutters

Termites rely on moist soil to survive and thrive. A leaky pipe can cause water to pool up under and around your house.

Termites build colonies in the moist soil near your house and then begin to eat the wooden fixtures of your homes. Get a plumber to ensure your pipes do not leak.

Even if you’re not a handyman yourself, keeping your gutters clean and free of leaves will also prevent moisture from building up. This will also stop mould from occurring.

2)     Store excess wood away from your property

If you have a building project involving wood, it is not unusual to have excess planks of wood lying around afterward.

Do not leave piles of wood near your house. Termites will seek these out and then move from the woodpile to the external walls of your home.

Store your excess wood in a shed or under a tarp away from the external walls of your home.

3)     Tend to your gardens

Keep your garden clean, tidy and free of rotting tree stumps. Termites are attracted to wood rot.

You should also regularly clean your garden to make sure there is no dead or rotting plant matter on the ground.

A backyard full of loose, rotting plant matter gives termites a moist environment to thrive in.

signs of termites

4)     Avoid cardboard

Termites are also attracted to cardboard. As such you should seek to avoid using cardboard as much as possible.

Most people use cardboard as storage containers and folders. Instead, use plastic or metal containers and folders for storage.

5)     Keep good air circulation

Keeping good air circulation is vital to prevent termite infestations. With poor air circulation, condensation can build up and seep into the wood, creating a perfect environment for termites.

Opening windows and running ceiling/exhaust fans is an easy way to keep air circulation going and prevent the build-up of moisture.

an open window to improve ventilation

Always consult an expert

While these tips for keeping out termites are useful for prevention if you see or suspect a termite infestation your first point of contact should be to call an expert.

Dedant offers affordable, quality termite inspections and treatments.

Call now on 07 3807 0122.

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