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Termite proof wood

Everyone knows that termites eat wood. This is because termites need to ingest cellulose to live, which is found in wood. So is there any termite proof wood out there to keep your house safe? In truth, no wood is completely "termite proof".…

Removing lizards on your property

Lizards are a common sight around Queensland homes. However, not everyone is comfortable having these reptiles around the home. You have many options available for removing lizards. In this blog, we're going to share our tips for making sure…
rear fence leaning and seperated at the joint underwood

Safety hazards from around the home

Our inspectors at Dedant have seen all manner of houses. There are several common safety hazards that we have found through the years that you should watch out for. These various defects range from minor to potentially life threatening. We'll…
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The types of inspection reports

People can have many different reasons for wanting an inspection report. They may be buying, selling, renovating or concerned about an infestation or potential building fault. You should know exactly what inspection reports are available to…
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Building and Pest Inspection in Brisbane FAQs

Getting advice on a building and pest inspection in Brisbane can be difficult. It is difficult to know what questions to ask. Consequently, we have created a list of 5 questions to ask a pest inspector over the phone to help you find a dedicated…
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The scope of a building and pest inspection

It is important to know the scope of a building and pest inspection before you agree to have one carried out on a property. Building inspections can cost hundreds of dollars, so you should know exactly what the service entails. Knowing…
winter bed bugs

5 Winter Pests To Prepare For

As we move toward June and the start of winter, it is worthwhile to be mindful of winter pests that can lurk around your home in the colder months. When seasons change, various animals change their behaviour to cope with these conditions.…
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How to protect your home from fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks are generally thought to thrive in the humid conditions of summer. However, some breeds of these pests are most active in winter. Thus, you should always have a plan to protect yourself from fleas and ticks. Regardless of…

4 Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

Silverfish are a pest that can be very bothersome. Though they are not generally a health risk, you should still seek to get rid of silverfish. This is because they can damage household goods, property and get into your food supply. These…