Termite Solutions For Your Brisbane Home

How to keep termites out of your house

Living in Brisbane, you certainly have reasonable cause for concern regarding a possible termite infestation. Termites love our Brisbane climate and can pop up almost anywhere.

In this blog, we examine the best termite solutions to protect your home from termites.

Using the right building materials

One of the best termite soultions to prevent termites from attacking your home is to build with the right materials.

Termites love to eat wood, as they need the cellulose found in timber to survive. When building and renovating, consider using materials termites cannot eat such as concrete, metal and the like.

However, if you must use wood, use a type of timber that is resistant to termites such as cedar or chemically treated wood.

It is worth noting, however, that no wood is completely termite-proof. If any cracks develop in the timber, termites can climb in and eat away the inner parts of the wood.

Properly manage trees, timber and wood around your home

Most houses in Australia have wood in or around their home. By properly managing the wood around your home, you can minimize the risk of termites.

Ensure all wooden fixtures are kept 75mm off the ground. This prevents termites from getting into the wood and using it as a bridge to enter your home.

Furthermore, make sure to trim back branches and hedges from the roof of your home. If tree branches overhang or touch the roof, a pathway is created for termites to enter the home.

By making smart decisions about the wood in and around your property, termites will have a much harder time getting into your home.

Distance your garden away from the house

Termites generally start off by infesting your garden and moving from there. Thus, you should avoid putting your garden right up against the walls of your home.

Termites are especially attracted to dead plants and trees, as it is easier for them to chew through. For this reason, be sure to get rid of any dead trees and tree stumps in your garden.

Limit moisture around your home

Termites are attracted to damp areas and wet timber, as it is easier for them to eat through it.

That’s why keeping your property dry is vitally important. If water is allowed to pool near the foundation, it will damage it and create a moist environment that is primed for a termite infestation.

Prevent rainwater from overflowing and spilling onto your property by keeping your gutters clear of debris. Another effective method for reducing the amount of moisture around your foundation is by installing plastic sheeting in crawl spaces and sub floors.

Ensure that your downpipes are properly installed and in working condition.

Termite management system

The Building Code of Australia requires that all homes built after 2000 have a termite management system.

This is particularly important in Brisbane, as Queensland is known for having many aggressive termite species. That’s why it is equally important for older homes to have termite management system.


One of the most effective termite solutions is through a termite barrier.

A termite barrier is one element of a termite management system. Termite barriers can either be physical or chemical.

A physical barrier is a wide metal mesh sheet placed underneath the slab of your property. This sheeting is designed to physically block termites from climbing up cracks in your concrete and accessing your home.

Chemical barriers are created when an inspector digs a trench around your property and fills it with a chemical treatment before covering the trench back up.

If concrete prevents a trench from being dug, the technician will drill holes into the concrete around your home and fill it with a chemical. All the drill holes are then covered with a cap.

The most effective chemicals, like Termidor, slowly kill termites over time and spread to the entire nest, wiping it out.

Bait Station

Another form of a termite management system is the use of bait stations.

Bait stations are small cylinders buried into the ground with the top sitting flush with the ground at various intervals around the property. These devices have tiny holes in the cylinder that allow termites to climb into it.

Inside the bait stations are planks of softwood treated with a poisonous chemical that kills termites over time, much like Termidor.

The termites are thus baited to chew on the tainted wood, become poisoned and spread this poison to the whole nest.

Regular inspections and maintenance

One of the most effective termite solutions is regular inspections and maintenance of existing defenses like barriers and bait stations.

Termites are easy enough to treat when found, but the danger is when they go undetected for too long and cause damage.

By booking annual termite inspections with a qualified pest inspector, you have the best chance of detecting termites early before they cause too much damage.

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