Annual Termite Inspection Cost

 How much does a termite inspection cost?

Annual termite inspections are a necessary part of protecting your home but some people delay gettting an inspection due to the cost. However, the cost of undetected termite damage far outweights the cost of an inspection.

Termite inspection information

Australian Standards recommends every Australian home should get a termite inspection at a miniumum of every 12 months. Termite inspections are generally done once a year on the timber of your property. It is conducted in all accessible areas of the property.

A report is compiled for you with our findings and if damage from termites is found, we will provide you with treatment options.

How much does the inspection cost?

The cost of the service starts at $250. However, this cost can be influenced by the size of the property and how accessible the property is. It takes roughly 45 minutes to complete an annual timber pest inspection but can take more or less depending on the size of the house.

What's involved in a termite inspection?

A timber pest/termite inspection is a visual inspection of a property looking for any evidence of live termites, termite damage, and timber borers.

The inspection includes checking all accessible areas of the house and property within 30 meters of the home. This includes the roof void, subfloor (if applicable), garden, fencing, carport and retaining walls.

During the inspection, the pest inspector will also use a thermal imaging camera, sounding tool and moisture meter. These tools help our inspectors detect anomalies that may not be visible to the human eye. Such as high moisture readings, abnormal heat patterns in walls (indicative of live termites) or hollow timber.

In addition, the pest inspector will also check the home’s current termite management system and identify any conducive conditions to a future invasion.

The cost of doing nothing

While $250 a year is not a small sum, the cost of doing nothing is far steeper than the annual termite inspection cost could ever be.

For instance, termites can do major structural damage to your property. They love to eat away at the wooden frames of houses.  They can also chew walls hollow from the inside out and eat around door hinges.

Even steel frame houses are not immune from harm because termites travel up steel frames to find other wooden parts of your home.

If left unchecked, the damage from these pests can easily turn into thousands of dollars.

Above all, the most important way to avoid termites is by being vigilant. By getting an annual check-up, you can avoid the risk of paying massive amounts to fix the damage and get rid of large, built-up nests. It is always easier to wipe out smaller nests.

If you want to help reduce your risk of termite infections, you can read our two blogs on the subject – 5 DIY Tips for Keeping Out Termites and The Best Ways To Stop Termites.

Have you found termites? Don’t disturb them!

If you think you might have termites, it’s very important not to disturb them! Termites are shy, elusive creatures that will find a new hiding spot when exposed. If you have accidentally exposed them, cover them back up and call a licensed pest inspector as soon as you can. They will be able to treat the termites and provide you with recommendations for prevention.

Who to trust for annual termite inspections

Dedant Building and Pest Inspections specialise in finding and treating termite infestations. We provide thorough annual termite inspections, chemical termite barriers and spot treatements. We have been servicing Brisbane, Redland Bay, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Logan since 2009. Contact us on 07 3807 0122 or via our website.



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