Meth Testing In Brisbane

Have peace of mind that your property is free from meth contamination.

Buying a property that has meth contamination can lead to an expensive cleanup. In high dosages, meth residue can also be harmful to human health. Making matters worse, meth residue is not visible to the human eye and can only be detected through proper testing. Meth residue can be left behind on surfaces in a property where meth has been manufactured or consumed in large quantities.

Reasons for meth testing a property

Methamphetamine (meth) residue testing is generally done in properties where meth use or production has been suspected or reported. However, there are times when people chose to get meth testing as a precautionary measure. There are a few reasons why you might consider getting meth testing for your Brisbane property, including:

  • You are looking at buying a property where you suspect meth has been smoked or manufactured in the property
  • You suspect that your home has previously been used for meth production or there is someone currently using it for meth consumption
  • You’re a landlord who suspects the property may contain meth residue and would like it tested prior to listing the property
  • You’re a renter who would like the property meth-tested prior to renting or during your tenancy
  • You’re a property manager who would like to have the home tested at the end of a tenancy to ensure your duty of care is fulfilled before new tenants move in

You can read more about your obligations as a property manager regarding meth testing here.

What's involved in meth testing?

The testing process typically involves collecting samples from surfaces, testing to see if the samples are positive and then sending them to a laboratory for analysis. Technicians typically take samples from walls, floors, and other hard surfaces. Qualified professionals conduct meth testing using specialised equipment and techniques.

Meth testing at Dedant

At Dedant, our technicians are certified and trained by MTK Testing Group. We offer two meth testing services to suit your needs including:

  1. Limited Rapid field test. This test involves taking 4 swabs at the property. The meth testing technician selects these locations based on common usage locations or as per your request. Shortly after, the results will indicate whether the room is positive, negative or partially contaminated with meth residue.
  2. Comprehensive Rapid field test. This test involves taking a swab from every room at the property. After that, the results will indicate whether the room is positive, negative or partially contaminated with meth residue.

In both forms of testing, the results are almost instant. Our technicians complete each meth residue test in accordance with Australian Standards.

What happens if the results are positive?

If the rapid or comprehensive field testing reveals a positive result, you will need further lab testing to confirm the level of contamination at a property. Depending on the results, you may need to organise a professional meth clean at the property to remove the meth residue. In some cases, further remediation may be needed (such as painting) to ensure that the property is safe for occupancy.

Meth residue testing can provide important information for property owners, buyers, and renters to make informed decisions about the safety and suitability of a property.

Only use a trained and certified technician

All meth residue testing must be carried out by a trained and certified technician. The technician must be certified by recognised training agency, like MTK Testing Group, and follow correct testing techniques. Likewise, any samples taken within a property for lab testing must be taken using the NIOSH technique and sent to a certified lab.

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