Drone roof inspections

Building and pest inspections do not include an inspection of the roof in a two story building.  Under Australian Standards , the inspector can only inspect the roof from a 3.6m ladder off a level platform if it is deemed safe to do so. This means that in safe conditions, an inspector can view the roof most single storey buildings from the ladder but this does not reach a two storey building.

Drone inspections provide a safe, accurate and cost effective way method of checking the condition of the roof.

The type of defects that can generally be picked up during a drone inspection would include hail damage, rust damage, corrosion and warping, broken tiles and major holes.

Dedant Building and Pest Inspections work with a commercially licensed and insured drone pilot.  The inspection can usually be done at the same time as the building and pest inspection. A licensed building inspector will view the footage and report on the findings of the drone inspection.

This type of inspection is ideal for pre purchase building and pest inspections of double storey houses and commercial pre purchase inspections of warehouses and factories.

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