Handover Inspections

Make sure your new home is good to go with a handover inspection

Moving into a newly built home is exciting! However, there's one final step you need to complete before you can make the final payment and move in - a handover inspection.

Handover inspection

A handover inspection, also known as a practical completion inspection, is an inspection that takes place before a property is handed over from builder to buyer.

The purpose of the handover inspection is to ensure that the property is in the agreed-upon condition before moving in. It is also meant to provide an opportunity to identify any outstanding issues or defects that need rectification.

During the inspection, the building inspector will walk through the property and inspect the property room by room. The inspection is very detailed and looks at the finishes, functionality, quality of workmanship of the home.

The building inspector will identify things like stained flooring, uneven plaster, ceiling damage, chipped tiles and more. Whilst frustrating or unseemly, these items don’t impact the structural integrity of the home.

At this stage of the build, there are generally no major defects like structural issues outstanding. As these items are meant to be signed off at each build stage in accordance with Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

This means the handover / practical completion inspection is only checking for minor defects such as the items mentioned above.

What if issues are identified?

If any issues or damage are identified during the inspection, the buyer can request that the builder rectify the issues before the handover is completed. It is important to make sure the rectification work is completed before final payment is made. As some builders may become less inclined to complete rectification works once payment has been received.

The importance of a handover inspection

Handover inspections are an important part of the building process. Building a new home is a big investment. You want to make sure it’s right and that everything is fully complete. A handover inspection ensures that both parties are satisfied with the condition of the property and that any outstanding issues are addressed.

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