Have You Booked Your Annual Timber Pest Inspection?

Protect your home against termites and have peace of mind

It's summertime and that means termites are more active! If you haven't booked your annual timber pest inspection, now is the time!


Termites or white ants are elusive creatures who love dark, damp places. When termites move into a property, they can remain hidden for some time whilst quietly eating away at your home.

Over the years, team at Dedant have seen termites do extensive damage to many properties where they were left undetected. Making matters worse, home insurance doesn't typically cover termite damage. This means all costs for repairs fall on the homeowner.

Annual timber pest inspection - the best insurance you can get

An annual timber pest inspection is the best insurance policy you can get by providing early detection. If termites are found early, then the extent of the damage caused by the colony of termites is significantly reduced. In comparison to the cost of repairs, an annual timber pest inspection is a small price to pay for peace of mind and protection. The current timber pest inspection cost starts from $250 (Feb 2023) for a standard-sized, 2 -4 bedroom home.

What's checked during a timber pest inspection?

A timber pest inspection is a thorough visual inspection of a property looking for any evidence of termite activity or damage. At Dedant, we check all accessible areas of the property and yard (within 30 meters of the house).

This includes the roof void, subfloor, retaining walls, sheds and more. During the inspection, the pest inspector is also looking for areas of high moisture and other conducive conditions to termite activity.

Our inspectors also use a thermal imaging camera to help detect anomalies that may not be visible to the naked eye, such as unusual heat patterns. For example, heats spots behind walls can indicate a termite nest is present.

Finally, the pest inspector will assess whether the home's current termite management system is up to date.

What happens if the pest inspector find termites?

If the pest inspector finds termite activity or damage, recommendations for treatment and prevention will be provided. This may include further investigations such as an invasive inspection or a spot treatment for live termites.

The inspector may also recommend the installation of a chemical termite barrier to prevent future infestations. Regardless of whether termites are found or not, it's important to rectify any conducive conditions listed in the report to prevent future infestations.

If you've found termites - do not disturb them!

Termites are shy creatures that will find a new location if they are disturbed. Consequently, if you discover termites in your home, it's best to leave them alone until a licensed pest inspector arrives.

If you have accidentally pulled away or destroyed timber and have discovered termites, cover up the exposed area immediately. Then, call a licensed pest inspector as soon as possible to eliminate the termites.

Book an annual timber pest inspection today!

At Dedant, our inspectors are fully licensed and highly experienced to carry out timber pest inspections and termite spot treatments.

If would like to book or have any questions, contact us on 07 3807 0122 or via our website.

We have been servicing Brisbane, Redland Bay, Moreton Bay, Gold Coast, the Scenic Rim, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Logan since 2009.




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