Drone Inspections

Have peace of mind with a drone inspection

A safe, accurate and cost-effective way of checking the condition of your new rooftop. 

The drone inspection process

If you’re considering getting a drone inspection for your roof, be assured that the process is straightforward and easy. Typically, the process follows these 5 steps:

  • Call or email us with your enquiry. We’ll take down your details and contact the selling agent on your behalf to organise access to the property.
  • Once the booking has been confirmed with the drone pilot and selling agent, we’ll send you an invoice and booking confirmation.
  • The drone inspection is conducted at the agreed time and date provided the weather allows.
  • A licensed building inspector will review the drone footage to help provide additional insight into the condition of the rooftop.
  • A report will be finalized and sent to you electronically within 4 days.

Unfortunately, drones can only be flown in certain weather conditions. As such, your inspection may be rescheduled if storms or high winds are forecast.

What kind of defects can I expect to see?

Drone inspections are designed to provide a visual check of the condition of a rooftop. With the use of a 4K High-Definition drone many rooftop defects can be identified that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

With a drone inspection, you can expect to find various defects such as:

  • Weather damage
  • Rust
  • Corrosion and warping
  • Faulty or blocked gutters
  • Cracked tiles
  • Major holes

Is it included in a building and pest inspection? How much does it cost?

Drone inspections are extra to a building and pest inspection. Often, we can organise the drone inspection to take place at the same time as the building and pest inspection. We can also carry out a drone inspection independently of any other service.

The cost of a drone inspection varies depending on the size of the property. Typically, prices start from $280 for a standard-sized house.

What isn't checked during the inspection?

Like a building and pest inspection, a drone inspection is a visual inspection of the condition of a rooftop. As such, it does not inspect the working condition of equipment or other appliances on the roof. For example, the inspection can identify visible external damage to a solar panel, but it cannot tell you whether there is any internal damage.

The following items are not checked during a drone inspection as they are not within the drone pilot’s or building inspector’s area of expertise:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Satellites or other tv ariels
  • CCTV cameras

If you do require any of the above items checked, it is recommended that you hire a relevant tradesperson such as a solar panel specialist or electrician.

Who carries out the drone inspection?

Drone inspections can only be carried out by commercially licensed drone pilots. They must also be registered with the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Once the inspection has taken place, a fully licensed building inspector will review the footage to provide any additional insight. You will then receive a report with the findings along with photos and video footage taken from the drone.

Contact us today

At DedAnt, our drone pilot is fully registered and licensed to carry out drone inspections for both residential and commercial properties. If you have any questions or would like to book a drone inspection, contact us on 07 3807 0122 or via our website.



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