Want To Book A Building Inspector In Caboolture?

Looking to buy property in Caboolture?

From mega mansions to studio apartments, we do it all. Dedant Building and Pest Inspections is a local company that can provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision on your purchase. For a building inspector Caboolture can trust, choose Dedant.


Caboolture is a town located 50km north of the Brisbane CBD.

Once home to many dairy farms and forests, it used to be semi-rural, but years of development have seen it become suburban in nature.

Now, it is generally regarded as the northmost point of the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.

The growth of new, affordable housing has seen Caboolture steadily grow in population. With close proximity to the Sunshine Coast, yet still close enough to Brisbane CBD, it is not surprising that the forests and dairy farms have given way to development.

Median house prices in Caboolture are $345 000 for houses and $205 000 for units.  This affordability makes it an ideal location with close proximity to the Sunshine Coast yet still easy access to Brisbane CBD.

This growth has encouraged businesses to move in. As such, new restaurants, shopping districts and services are regularly springing up.

Why is a building and pest inspection so important for my Caboolture property?

Purchasing a residential or commercial property in the Caboolture is a big investment and as such, you should understand the condition of the property and that you are getting what you pay for.

Building defects can be safety issues or affect the liveability of the property. They may require expensive repairs.

In addition, termites can go unnoticed for years if the house is not checked properly.

You might only find termites when your hand goes through a wall. By then, extensive damage will have been done.

Do not go into your purchase blind, get a full understanding of the condition of the property. This is why a pre-purchase building and pest inspection is so essential.

Having an experienced industry professional assess the property prior to finalising your purchase could save you thousands when buying your home or investment property in Caboolture.

Dedant Building and Pest inspections can also assist with meth testing in Caboolture.  If you are concerned your home may be contaminated with meth, conduct Meth Testing as soon as possible.

How to find a good building and pest inspector in Caboolture?

Choosing the right building inspector in Caboolture is a big decision.

  • Pre-Purchase building and pest inspectors need to be insured, qualified, and licensed.
  • Experience is important, at Dedant all inspectors have over 30 years’ experience in the Construction industry and extensive experience in the pest industry.
  • Find out if the inspector will be available to answer follow up questions after the inspection? At Dedant, the inspector’s number is at the bottom of the report if you any questions following the inspection.
  • Check Google and Facebook Reviews. (Check on Google listing as these cannot be edited by the business, unlike the ones displayed on their website) This will give you an insight of the experience clients are having. Dedant currently has 70+ 5 star Google / Facebook reviews.
  • Find a company that offers great customer service and will go the extra mile for customers.
  • Ask friends, relatives, neighbours for recommendations.

Dedant Building and Pest Inspection offer consistently low prices with the highest quality reports.

Building and pest inspections in Caboolture

Our pre-purchase building and pest inspections are carried out by one person, a licensed building inspector and an experienced timber pest technician.

Not only that, we take care of everything for you once you have booked your inspection.

We organise with the selling agent or vendor for access to the property.

Furthermore, we can organise additional inspections such as swimming pool inspection, electrical inspection, or plumbing inspection.

More than just houses

Caboolture is filled with a lot more than just the traditional, one or two storey residential homes.

As such, our Caboolture Building Inspectors can conduct building and pest inspections on units, townhouses, medical facilities, warehouses, office buildings and more.

If you require a commercial inspection in Caboolture, contact us today.

All the latest technology and training

At Dedant Building and Pest Inspections, all our Building Inspectors have decades of experience in the construction industry and they are fully qualified.

Thermal imaging camera

We include the use of a thermal imaging tool on every inspection. This tool will indicate any significant heat sources generated by termites behind walls.

Our thermal image camera in action

Moisture metre

We use a moisture metre throughout the property to identify high moisture levels within the building. High moisture levels behind the wall could indicate leaking pipes or waterproofing issues.  Termites love moisture, as they seek out wet timber to eat.

Comprehensive reports

After your Caboolture inspection is completed, you will be given a comprehensive building and pest inspection report.

This easy-to-read report will clearly outline all the issues with your home as either major or minor.

You will be given a report within 24 hours, giving you more time to decide what to do about your property.


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