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A building and pest inspection is a very important procedure for anyone buying, selling or renovating a home. As suck, you should know how to prepare for a building and pest inspection.

In our blog, we will go through the most important steps you can take so you can make the most out of your inspection.

1)     Research different companies and services

One of the first things to do as you prepare for a building and pest inspection is to research.

You should investigate the different building and pest inspection companies, see the reviews and services they offer, along with price.

That way, you can be sure to get the best value for money.

The internet is the easiest way to get information quickly, but don’t be afraid to call either.

2)     Ask questions to prospective inspectors

Once you have settled on an inspector, you should call and speak to the staff.

We have previously released a blog about the 5 questions you should ask your building and pest inspector.

By getting in early and asking these questions before booking, you can be better informed about the inspection process.

3)     De-clutter your home

One of the biggest impediments to a building inspection is obstructions that prevent inspectors from getting in and looking at areas of the home.

As inspections are purely visual, inspectors cannot move, shift, destroy or alter any part of your home. Thus, they will not inspect an area they cannot access.

For example, if a garage is cluttered and inaccessible, an inspector will not move objects out of the way.

They will simply make a note in the report that they area was inaccessible, and the room may have faults.

Beyond the usual clutter like cardboard boxes, things like cars, rubbish bins and large bushes are all obstructions too. You should endeavour to remove these.

An example of clutter that prevents a full and proper inspection of a room.

4)     Unlock your home

Another obstruction that will prevent an inspector from looking at every possible area is locked doors.

Obviously, if I door is locked and we have no means of opening it, we will not inspect the room.

As such, you should unlock and open garages and any other doors you might normally lock, or at least provide keys to the inspector or selling agent.

5)     Remove pets

We love dogs and cats as much as anyone, but pets can be a major distraction to any building and pest inspection.

Furthermore, if they are conducting treatments for termites, it is wise to keep cats and dogs away from chemicals.

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