The Types Of Inspection Reports

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Are you buying, selling, building or concerned about termites or building faults? Learn exactly which inspection report is the best one for you.

Standard Building and Inspection Report

Standard Building and Pest Inspections are conducted when you are selling your house, purchasing a new property, prior to renovation or for other reasons.

These inspections look for faults that are listed in reports as either "major" or "minor".

Major structural defects are issues that require immediate attention. These include termite damage, water leakage and a lack of handrails of stairs.

Conversely, Minor structural issues include cosmetic or slight defects that do not threaten your safety or require immediate action. For example, minor issues include peeling paint or partially covered weep holes.

If you know the difference between minor and major issues, you can focus your money and effort on those areas.

Dilapidation Report

Dilapidation inspection reports examine the buildings surrounding a renovation.

As such, a dilapidation report involves two inspections, carried out before and after renovations commence.

The first report looks at the condition of surrounding homes before any work is done while the second report looks to see if any damage was done to these same houses.

As such, this Dilapidation Report will protect you from litigation, as neighbours may claim that pre-existing faults were caused by your renovations.

New Build Practial Completion Reports

New Build Pracitical Completion/Handover inspections look at faults in a recently constructed home. A New Build Handover Report looks at major and minor structural defects and makes sure everything is up to the standard you expect.

With Dedant you will always get a fair report because we're independent of your building contractor.

Furthermore, Dedant’s inspectors have had years of experience as builders before entering the building and pest inspection industry. They know what errors to look out for.

Timber Pest Report

A Timber Pest Inspection looks for any evidence of termite activity or termite damage at a property. The pest inspector inspects all accessible areas of the property within 30 meters of the home - including the roof void and subfloor.

If you own a property it is vital to have Annual Timber Pest Inspection Reports. Termites are very tricky creatures that can easily enter a home and stay for a long time before their presence is detected.

The amount of damage they can cause in the time they are left undetected is significant and can leave home owners with a huge repair bill. As termite damage normally isn't covered by home insurance. That's why Australian Standards recommend an annual termite check.

Meth Testing Report

A Meth Testing Report will tell you whether the home tests positive for meth residue contamination. Meth residue is left behind on surfaces where meth has been manufactured or consumed in high dosages. It can also be harmful to human health.

If you think meth has been manufactured or consumed in heavy dosages in your home, it's a good idea to get meth testing.

Have peace of mind with Dedant

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