Spiders are among the most bothersome and disliked pests that you can find in your home. As such, many people often want to know how to remove spiders from their home.

In truth, while they may creep out and disgust many people, spiders are an important part of the ecosystem. They eat smaller bugs like ants, flies, mosquitoes and moths that can transmit diseases.

Regardless, it is completely understandable not to want them around your home. Thus, here are 4 ways you can keep spiders from your home.

1)     Destroy any webs you find

Spiders construct webs to catch and eat their prey. These webs become an eyesore and a hindrance in your home.

As such, you should take a broom or vacuum and destroying any webs you find around your property.

By doing this, you are instinctively warning the spider that the area is not safe, which will force them to move on.

Spiderwebs can be big or small. Regardless of size, you should destroy any found in your home.

2)     Get rid of hiding places for spiders

Spiders love having places that they can hide in. They will take advantage of any nook and cranny they can find.

As such, you should get rid of any cutter in or around your home. Chaotic piles of strewn items are perfect places for spiders to hide.

We have previously published a blog about this very subject. Read it here.

Likewise, you would also benefit from sealing up any cracks or crevices around the home, which spiders may enter through or hide in.

3)     Turn off the lights

Bugs are attracted to light. Spiders, meanwhile, are attracted to bugs.

Lighting in and around the home, particularly at night, draws a great deal of bugs. This causes spiders to build their webs close to these same sources of light in order to catch as many bugs as possible.

Keeping light usage to a minimum will both save you electricity and make your home less of a target for bugs and spiders.

remove spiders

The redback is native to Australia and is one of the most dangerous on Earth. If you see one, call an expert immediately.

4)     Contact the experts

If you see a spider in your home and are concerned, you should immediately contact a pest control expert who can remove spiders that are found.

Contact Dedant Building and Pest Inspections through our website today or call us on 07 3807 0122.


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