Building and pest inspection

Building and pest inspection can be pre-purchase or pre-sale so that there are no surprises when buying or selling a home in Brisbane.

A building and pest inspection is a visual property inspection.   The findings will be recorded into one ‘easy to read’ report. The report features  photographs and a summary of all major and minor defects.  DedAnt provides Building and Pest Inspections that are conducted  to Australian Standards.  All of Dedant Building Inspectors are skilled, licensed, insured and experienced.

What’s Included in Building & Pest Inspections?

This is a combined inspection, looking at building issues and pest activity.

The Building inspection is a visual appraisal of the condition of the property, highlighting major and minor defects and safety hazards.  The Pest Inspection involves a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the property to see if there is any evidence of active termites or previous termite damage.  The inspector will also note whether the property has a termite management system installed.

The house is checked for any high moisture readings especially surrounding the wet areas like bathrooms. Other areas that are checked are the yard and exterior of the building, internal rooms, ceiling roof void and house foundations.

What areas are inspected?

The building inspector will inspect the following areas

  • The interior of the property – including walls, floor, ceiling, windows, doors, bathroom, laundry, stairs and cupboards.
  • The roof space of the property (subject to safe and reasonable access)
  • The exterior of the property – including stairs, garage, external finishes, gutter, eaves, porch, weep holes and ventilation, external door components.
  • The sub floor of the property (subject to safe and reasonable access)
  • The roof exterior (subject to height restrictions) – including gutter and down pipes.
  • The property within 30m of the building being inspected – including fencing, retaining walls, driveways, paths, surface drainage.

The inspector will use the latest equipment throughout the property, including a moisture metre (an indication of leaking pipes behind walls) and thermal imaging camera.

To arrange your inspection, contact us today.

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