Rental Inspection - Minimum housing standards

Ensure that your investment property is compliant with new legislation for minimum housing standards in Queensland.

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Minimum Housing Standards Rental Properties

Minimum housing standards are now in effect for new tenancies since 1 September 2023 and all tenancies 12 months after.

The standards are to ensure that all rental properties are meet a reasonable standard of functionality, are able to be secured, and won't cause harm to a tenant.

You can see more information on the minimum requirements here RTA

Inspection Pricing

Book an inspection today to ensure that your investment property is compliant with the new rules in Queensland.

Landlord Inspections

As a landlord, you have a duty of care -

At the start of all tenancies, you must ensure that the property is clean, fit for the tenant to live in, in good repair and does not breach any law dealing with the health or safety of persons entering the premises (Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Regulation 2009), in addition to this the property must also meet the new prescribed minimum standards.

Minimum Standards Inspection

For investors, owners and property managers.  Check that the rental property meets minimum housing standards for rental properties in Queensland. 

Maintenance Inspection Investment Property

Don't let your property fall in disrepair, a maintenance inspection will identify maintenance issues that should be addressed to maintain the standard of your investment property. 

Methamphetamine Residue Testing

Have your property tested between tenants to ensure that there is no residue that could be harmful to your next tenants health.

Annual Timber Pest Inspection

A must of every Queensland house, at least every 12 months. 

Reasonable Functionality

Adequate Plumbing and Drainage
  • The property must be connected to a water service that supplies hot and cold water.  This supply must be suitable for drinking.
  • The property must have adequate plumbing and drainage for the number of people who occupy the premises.
  • The property must have functioning toilets that flush and refill.  These must be connected to sewer, septic or other waste disposal system.
  • Privacy must be provided in the bathroom areas.
  • When a property is supplied with a kitchen, the kitchen must have a functioning cooktop for tenants to use.
  • If a laundry is supplied, it must have all fixtures and fittings for a functional laundry, such as tap fittings and adequate plumbing supply.  (This does not include whitegoods)

Safety and Security

Weatherproof and structurally sound
  • Rain should not enter the property through the windows or roof. 
  • Floors, walls, ceiling, roof, deck / balcony and stairs must not be likely to collapse due to wood rot, a defect, significant damp or any other factor. 
Property needs to be in good repair
  • Fixtures and fittings should not be likely to cause injury during normal use.
Property needs to be secure
  • There must be functioning locks or latches on all doors and windows that can be reached from the outside without a ladder. 
Free from vermin, damp and mould
  • The property needs to be free of vermin, damp and mould (this does not include vermin or mould that has been caused by the tenant)
Privacy Coverings
  • Privacy coverings are required on all windows where a tenant could reasonably expect privacy, unless view is obstructed from outside.
Thermal imaging
Moisture damage in roof
Inspection for minimum rental standards

Minimum Housing Standards Inspections

QBCC licensed building inspectors will assess the property against the prescribed requirements and provide a report with compliancy and recommendations.

The following areas will assessed -

Weatherproof and structurally sound

  • The property will be assessed for any evidence of previous water ingress from the roof or windows. 
  • Damage will also be noted that has the potential to allow water ingress such as a broken windowpane.
  • The property will be assessed for any evidence of potential safety issues due to wood rot, excessive damp or defects.

Property in good repair with fixtures / fittings not likely to cause injury through normal use

  • Property will be assessed for damage, excessive wear, defects, leaks etc and condition reported upon.
  • Fixtures and fittings will be checked for any visual signs of potential danger. (Please note, this is not an electrical check, a licensed electrician is required for such)


  • Property will be checked for functioning locks on all external doors and latches on all windows that can be reached from outside premises without a ladder.

Damp, Mould and Vermin

  • Property will be assessed for signs of damp (using thermal imaging camera and moisture meter)
  • Visible signs of mould will be noted.
  • Signs of vermin will be noted, including nests, droppings and potential entry points.

Privacy Coverings

  • Prv

Why is a Building and Pest Inspection Important?

Identify Safety Hazards

The report will contain details on any defects that are considered safety issues and have the potential to cause harm to persons if not rectified immediately.

Major Defects

A major defect should be repaired immediately. Failure to repair can cause further damage to the property or affect the liveability of the property.  It can also be a defect to a major structural component of the building.

Minor Defects

By definition, a minor defect is a maintenance issue that should be addressed at some time in the future to maintain the upkeep of the property. 

Timber Pests

The inspector will identify any visual signs of termite activity, make recommendations on conducive conditions and report on whether the property has a current termite management plan. 

Dedant use the latest technology

Thermal camera

Flir Thermal Imaging Camera

The Flir thermal camera (FLIR E8- XT)  is the perfect tool for diagnosing temperature anomalies inside a building.  This equipment  will indicate  hot spots and cold spots, possibly indicating a large termite nest hidden in the wall cavity, leaking pipes behind a wall and leaking showers.


Termatrac T3i All Sensor

Using radar technology, relative and direct moisture sensor as well as a thermal sensor, the T3i All Sensor was designed to help operators locate, confirm and track the presence and extent of termite and other pest activity. Used with an invasive inspection to determine termite activity.

Moisture meter

Tramax Moisture Meter

The Tramax moisture meter is the leading tool in moisture detection.  High moisture levels could indicate leaking pipes, poor ventilation, ineffective drainage, leaking roof or defective flashing.  Damp timber within wall cavities is also very attractive to termites.

What areas are inspected in a building and timber pest inspection?

Subject to safe and reasonable access, this inspection is a visual assessment of the following areas;

The Interior of the property

Including walls, flooring, ceilings, windows, doors, bathrooms, laundry, stairs and built in cabinetry.

The roof void

Subject to height restrictions and safe and reasonable access.

The Exterior of the property

Including stairs, garage, external finishes, gutter, eaves, porch, weep holes and ventilation, exterior door components.

The subfloor of the property

If applicable and subject to safe and reasonable access.

The roof exterior

Will be viewed from a ladder subject to height restrictions. This includes gutter and downpipes.

The property 30m from the main building

Including fencing, retaining walls, driveways, paths, surface drainage.

building inspector

Common Defects in a building and timber pest inspection

Items not covered by a building and pest inspection.

A building and timber pest inspection is conducted by an experienced builder and timber pest technician.  It does not include any areas outside of the builder's expertise (such as plumbing or electrical items) These areas should be inspected by a licensed tradesperson in the relevant areas.

Home appliances

If the property is being sold with appliances such as a dishwasher, air conditioning unit, range hood, ducted vacuum system,  Inskinkertor, oven or other electrical items, these are not part of the building and pest inspection and should be checked by a licensed electrician.

Other Accessories

Such as CCTV, alarm systems, smoke detectors, power points, garden irrigation systems, television plugs or intercom system.  A licensed electrician should be engaged to assess these items.

Swimming pools (including compliance with fencing)

The building and pest inspector is not qualified to comment on the condition of the pool, whether the fence meets safety standards, the condition or function of the pool equipment. Contact your local pool inspector for this service.

Compliance to building codes

The building and pest inspection does not comment on the structure's compliance with local building codes or regulations.  Your conveyancer should check for building approvals and that the structure has been certified by a building certifier.

Toxic and hazardous substances

The building report will note whether the house is likely to contain hazardous materials such as asbestos based on the age of the structure, however materials cannot be determined without sending for further investigation and testing.  This is not included in the building and pest inspection.  Mould is another toxic substance that requires identification by a specialist, not a building inspector.

Natural disasters

The building inspection does not include comment about the likelihood of the area flooding, experiencing erosion or a landslide.

Why Choose Dedant Building and Pest Inspections?

  • Local knowledge

    We are a Brisbane based, family owned company that has been operating since 2008.  Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and everywhere in between. We have local knowledge,  friendly customer service staff and experienced inspectors.  Therefore, you are in good hands with Dedant.

  • Wide Range of Services

    Providing a range of services for home buyers, home sellers, landlords and home owners.  Dedant’s friendly staff can assist with your building and pest inspections, maintenance inspections, landlord condition inspections, termite inspections, invasive inspections or termite treatments. See our full range of services here

  • Latest Technology

    Our inspectors use the latest technology during every inspection.  This includes a moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and movement sensors such as Termatrac.  Unquestionably all of our inspectors are professional, highly experienced, licensed and insured.

  • We make booking easy

    Bookings are made easy, we work with the Real Estate Agent to avoid any confusion and concerns.  We can also organise other inspections for you at the same time, such as swimming pool inspections, asbestos testing and meth testing.  Blueridge Consultants trading as Dedant Building and Pest inspections is licensed with QBCC.

We are committed to providing outstanding service at a fair price.
For rapid service and reports, contact DedAnt Building and Pest Inspections today.

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It was night and day to the other company I used.If I could go back to 22 I would have used dedant from the start, not the other company recommended by a family member 😩Jen MurchJen Murch ★★★★★ Thanks for your help we really appreciate it! Quick turnaround and very professional. Would recommend their services to anyone.Karen CruzKaren Cruz ★★★★★ Awesome, friendly service. Quick turnaround with the report, despite it being a public holiday. Thanks for your efforts, guys!Eden RothschildEden Rothschild ★★★★★ Dedant was the only company with the best comparable price in the market. They are very kind, super fast and professional in their dealings. The inspector was kind to explain the issues on phone and to my roofing company to understand the issues fully. I would use them again in future. Thanks for your services.Gitanjali BhatGitanjali Bhat ★★★★★ Excellent service, great report,very friendly inspectors & customer service. Thank you.Luei MLuei M ★★★★★ Was very happy with the work completed by Dedant Building and pest. Would highly recommend them.Cameron IrlamCameron Irlam ★★★★★ Dedant did a really good work in inspecting and providing a detailed analysis of the report we bought our property. It was so helpful so that we managed to get certain things repaired before the sale got completed.I was able to talk and fully understand the report by the inspector who was really informative and easy to talk to.. Good Work!Pasindu LathpanduraPasindu Lathpandura ★★★★★ Very happy with their service. Stephen arrived on time, checked the property (yard, shed) carefully and was very easy to talk to. The final report was also very detailed to explain their findings and concerns. Highly recommendedMichael ZhouMichael Zhou ★★★★★ Very thorough and professional with regards to inspection. The inspector spent about an hour to inspect each little thing that was our concern. 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Incredibly efficient, friendly, professional and reasonably priced. Very responsive and great communication. Will be using in the futureJessica RuprechtJessica Ruprecht ★★★★★ Very professional and reasonably priced service. We have originally ordered pest and building somewhere else, however to our disappointment building inspection wasn't carried on. Then I came across Dedant and Tina at administration was very helpful and knowledgeable and arranged building inspection for us. Report was prepared very quickly too.Alexandra GarciaAlexandra Garcia ★★★★★ Dedant were great to deal with and made the whole process as smooth as possible - they re-organised my pest inspection after the tenant cancelled at the last minute and went the extra mile to get my inspection done within a tight timeframe. Plus the team is so friendly and the inspector stepped through the results of the report with me over the phone. 10/10 recommend!Rebecca RutlandRebecca Rutland ★★★★★ Great service, kind staff, was able to book in for the same day. Staff was helpful and guided us through the processes, pest examiner was helpful & answered questions. Overall great efficient service.Ayesha ShankarAyesha Shankar ★★★★★ Great service. On time and very affordable professional advice! No wonder they have so many great reviews. Thank you!Niki ZNiki Z ★★★★★ Chris was very professional, answered my questions over the phone and delivered a detailed report.Steven JiSteven Ji ★★★★★ I like Dedant service with great attitudes and professional skills.I will highly recommend Dedant to my friends.Cathy JingCathy Jing ★★★★☆ Called an arranged a pest and building inspection for the new property, having short time frame we were booked in and completed promptly. Great report very detailed. This helped with our pest management. Would recommend to all new home buyers. CraigCraig WhiteCraig White ★★★★★ Dedant was recommended by a real estate agent we were in contact with. Stephen attended our pre-purchase inspection, and he did a great job! He was very informative and took the time to communicate with us with any questions we had and received our report the same day. We highly recommend Dedant Building and Pest.Lorelle StewartLorelle Stewart ★★★★★ Dedant Building and Pest Inspections were very thorough providing a detailed report and plenty of photos, I would recommend them to anybody considering buying a property.Shane SteedmanShane Steedman ★★★★★ Love these guys. Such great communication. And super flexible and very reliableKatie BlackKatie Black ★★★★★ Dedant were really good. They have very knowledgeable inspectors who provide detailed reports. Their prices are also very reasonable. Would highly recommend themRobert PranjivanRobert Pranjivan ★★★★★ Everyone this is my fifth time of successful withdrawal of $6,500 within seven days after i've invested $600 with Mathew navas. He's absolutely a professional forex & crypto trader & a market analyst. And of course he has already proven himself a trust worthy person. Invest with him now if you're interested. Contact him via WhatsApp: +1 762-239-1392 or via Email address mathewnavas691@gmail.comSahil ErnestSahil Ernest ★★★★★ I was very happy with DedAnt's service and same day response with report. Thank you so much.Anne ReedAnne Reed ★★★★★ We had a great experience with Dedant. They were responsive, efficient and report back by the same afternoon!. Highly recommended 🙂Lauren FraserLauren Fraser ★★★★★ Friendly, timely, professional and very knowledgeable. 🏠 Report was thorough and easy to read. 👍Cindy NewtonCindy Newton ★★★★★ Lovely to work with. Knowledgeable and helpful. Great overall experience. Thanks!Pandy Freddy-MunroPandy Freddy-Munro ★★★★★ Ontime, informative, thorough, friendly, easy form and payment system.Shelle PossShelle Poss ★★★★★ Excellent communication

A comprehensive report together with photos were excellent.

A great and professional attitude in assisting the customer towards achieving their requirements before purchasing home and property.

Thank you.
Katrina N Greg CourtKatrina N Greg Court
★★★★★ 1st time user the service was good and communication greatDean BarclayDean Barclay ★★★★★ We had Daniel come and inspect our home before we bought a property and even though we recieved bad news about this property his professional manor and review that he made was hands down the best experience we have had. I recommend dedant to anyone that needs a building and pest inspection done to choose these guys, very very professional and the report was very detailed to every defect that was made visible, Thank you and well done .Adam BarnesAdam Barnes ★★★★★ Fantastic service & competitive rates. Highly recommended!Laura LouiseLaura Louise ★★★★★ Very fast and professional service. Would highly recommend Brian and the team !Emma BealEmma Beal ★★★★★ Fast, professional and very easy to deal with. Would recommend to anyone needing a building and pest inspection in Brisbane, particularly if you need it done quickly.Sarah AlleaumeSarah Alleaume ★★★★★ Did a great job and the inspector explained everything and showed myself the issues with the property. Very friendly staff also!David StaceyDavid Stacey ★★★★★ The team at DedAnt have been great to work with, as a client they always take on the advise you offer and highly value your service. They have a very friendly culture and have made us feel very much part of the team.Robert Andrew KingRobert Andrew King