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  • Annual timber pest or barrier inspection: The inspector will check the property (inside, outside and roof void) for signs of termite activity, conducive conditions and termite management plan. No treatment (chemicals) are used for this service.
  • General pest treatment: A technician will apply chemicals to control general pests such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders, ants.  The chemical is safe for pets once dry, so please keep pets away from the treatment area for an hour and cover all aquariums. The treatment is generally applied indoors and outdoors.
  • Chemical barrier installation: A technician will apply a chemical treatment to the perimeter of the house, around 30cm below ground. It will be necessary to drill holes every 20cm in concrete / tiled areas and dig soil areas to do this. This chemical is safe for dogs and cats but please keep them out of the way during application. Depending on the size of the property, this can take from 6 hours up to 12 hours. Access to a power point and water is required. It is important not to dig up the area that the chemical has been applied following application.