Winter Pest Control

Winter is almost upon us which means winter pests are on their way. This is a good time to share some tips on how to prepare and protect your home against these seasonal pests as well as others.

Which Pests are Winter Pests?

Typically, pests including rodents (rats and mice) are high on the list. Just like us, they are seeking shelter, warmth and food. Unfortunately, that's at the expense of our homes where they can cause serious damage to the building, walls, water pipes and electrical wiring.

In the worst case, a fire could be created by rodents chewing through electrical cables. In addition, other general pests including termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants, even mosquitos can be present around homes.

Winter Home Checklist

We've put together a list of our top tips to help keep winter pest problems to a minimum around your home.

Bins: Keep them as clean as possible by washing them out regularly with a cleaning agent.
 Make sure they are well sealed to reduce the chance of flies breeding inside which can attract rodents.

Tree Branches and Foliage: Inspect your home for any tree branches that may be reaching the roof and guttering of the building. Branches provide excellent bridges for rodents to walk across and into your roof and wall cavities.
 Trim these off as well as any shrubs or bushes close to walls.

Remove food sources like pet food: Uneaten pet food is a feast for rodents. Clean up and cover pet bowls after your pets have eaten. It will make all the difference. In addition, birds are well known to swoop in and steal left-over pet food. Soon you'll have an entire flock around your home making a big mess.

Top Tip - check under the BBQ. Rodents are highly attracted to BBQ's and the containers that catch oil, grease and fat. If you see rodent droppings nearby or on the BBQ, it's a good sign they have visited.
 The BBQ should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using a suitable and safe product before re-use.

Inspect the outside of the home for entry points: Rodents have the ability of making themselves squeeze through the smallest hole, as little as 6mm. It's important to look for entry points where they could enter. Use products that make it hard for them to gnaw through such as metal mesh, door seals and other types of weather seals.
 Look around the base of the walls, doors as well us above around the eaves. Also look at window and door screens and replace as required.

Tidy the Clutter: Rodents enjoy entering sheds, garages where there's old cardboard boxes, fabrics and other storage items. These make the perfect place for rodents to live and breed around homes.
 Nows a good time to get rid of any unwanted items, rubbish, items such as these. Consider using hardened plastic storage options to stop attracting rodents and make it harder to gain access to the contents.

Don't try and catch them yourself: Leaving cheese or other foods around to attract them and trap them often does not work. This will invite the rest of the family and more will start to appear looking for food. Typically, rat baits from your local shop usually don't work well, as they have not been designed like professional products and are expensive. Professional pest control will effectively stop rodents and the colony from returning to your home.

Prepare for Winter Pests

If you're concerned about winter pests and other general pests, contact DedAnt Building and Pest Inspections for a quote.

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