​Termite & Pest Control and Inspections in Brisbane

Termites Inspections give you peace of mind that your home is protected against these damaging pests.

Queensland is well known for termite problems, causing extensive damage to homes which is typically not covered under your home insurance policy.

Where Do You Check for Termites?

A termite inspection is a comprehensive inspection to all accessible areas of the property, yard and the home building structure - not just a 'Termite Check'.

Once complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive written report in compliance with Australian Standards

What Happens if You Find Termites?

If termite activity and damage is found, your Technician will provide you with an inspection report and treatment options to suit your situation and budget. This may include the installation of a Termite Management System.

Your Inspector will also provide recommendations on further investigations and repairs that may be necessary.

Protect your property today and avoid the bigger expense, contact us to arrange your inspection today.