Is Rat and Mice control an issue for you? Rats and mice are one of the most unhygienic and destructive pests that we deal with in Brisbane.  Once they manage to invade your home they can cause considerable damage, spread disease and contaminate food.  Rats can cause damage plastic water pipes and hoses, damage your home’s insulation, chew through walls and floor joists and even cause fires by chewing through electrical wires.  Rats and mice are well known for making your home theirs, particularly during the winter season.  They potentially carry disease and can cause major health problems.  See more about the diseases that rats carry here.

A professional pest treatment for rodents starts with identifying the type of rodents you have in your home.  Once the rodents are identified, your professional pest controller will be able to undertake the most effective treatment based on what is known about that species. The professional will also identify the best measures to prevent the rodents from returning.

Even rats in the yard and outside can also present tremendous risk, particularly since those areas are visited by children and pets.

Our treatments are safe for you, your family and pets​.


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