Baits can be used to attract and poison many pests and vermin.

Termite baits can be used as part of a termite management system that attracts termites to the unit and they then take the poison back to their nest and kill the nest once they have been in contact with the chemical. The inner cartridge can be refilled once the chemical is gone.

Rat baits are a great way to poison rats while safe for children and pets.  The baits are secure and locked.



The importance of a pre-purchase pool inspection

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A pre-purchase building inspection for an older house

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Buying and managing properties out of state

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Want to book a building inspector in Caboolture?

Call Dedant building inspection Caboolture for an affordable, free quote today. Phone 07 3807 0122 Are you looking to buy a house, unit, townhouse, apartment, or commercial property in Caboolture?  From mega mansions to studio apartments,…