Ant Cap

What is Ant Capping?

Ant capping is when metal sheets are placed in between the stumps of your home and the lower framing timber.

“Ant caps” refer to the metal plates that are used in this process.

About Ant Caps

Contrary to popular belief, ant caps do not block termites from entering your home.

Instead, they block termites from being able to travel into your home through the stump, unseen.

This forces the termites to go around the ant cap, exposing their mudding to the naked eye.

As such, it is not a matter of installing the caps and forgetting – ant caps need to be inspected regularly.

What happens if I don’t have ant capping?

Without ant caps, ants will travel through cracks or burrow though stumps from the inside, without ever being visible.

You might get a termite infestation and not even know it until the damage is too late.

Damaged ant caps

The condition of your ant caps matters greatly in terms of its overall effectiveness.

As they are metal, they can rust over time and holes can be created.

A damaged ant cap can present gaps that termites can get through without being detected.

Alternately, the caps can become loose over time as your house moves and either become dislodged from their position.

If you are concerned about the condition of your ant caps, book an inspection soon.

Do I need to have ant caps?

All homes in Queensland must have a termite management system, as per the Building Code of Australia.

There are many different types of termite management systems including physical barriers and chemical barriers, however ant capping is one of the more common types.

Ant caps offer peace of mind, so you know that you will be able to see a termite infestation as soon as it occurs and contact a qualified pest inspector.

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