Wasp Control

Wasps can be a very dangerous insect. Their sting is not only painful but can sometimes be deadly. If you need professional wasp treatment call DedAnt.

There is over 12 000 species of Wasp in Australia. Wasp species can be identified by their colours and size.  The wasp is a social insect that lives in a colony. Wasp are well known for making a home around the outside area’s of your house and if you have a wasp nest problem in your garden or wasp nest problem around your house, call us for Professional wasp treatment.

Wasps can prove dangerous and can attack in very large numbers if disturbed. If a wasp nest removal goes wrong, it can be painful and disastrous. This is not something anybody should attempt, wasp removal is definitely best left to the professionals. A sting from the European wasp results in burning pain, raised lump, redness, and local inflammation.   Summer in Queensland brings about ideal conditions for wasp stings.  The risk increases with our outdoor lifestyle in the warmer months.  A wasp sting can be fatal to someone with an allergy.  A person may also get stung in the throat and a severe inflammatory response may cause breathing difficulty. This too could be fatal!  To keep your family safe, it is best to seek professional assistance removing wasps.  A good wasp control expert will know how to identify wasps and how to safely get rid of them.

If you find a wasp nest, the best thing to do is to leave it alone.  A wasp nest can contain up to 100 000 wasps.  Do not attempt to destroy it yourself. Wasps are more likely to attack when their nests are disturbed.

Call your pest control expert to ensure you a safe and effective eradication of these pests.  See more information about wasps here

Our treatments are safe for you, your family and pets​.

If you’re concerned about wasps at your home, contact us today.

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